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  • well, im looking for a usb wifi now, but im busy with the scool so maybe when I found one, im really sorry :(
    Hey are you a fan of Jessie? If so, please join the Jessie Club! There will be an Anime style contest as a club competiition once we have enough members, so it should be fun, and you will get to show off your Pokemon!
    Ok Here I Go Remeber this is what I think it is about.

    The Torn World

    The Torn World makes weather changes each and everyday in each differnt location. The Torn world is the world that Giritina and Dialga are seen battleing in the 11th Movie. It also maybe be once you have a Shaymin you enter the Torn World and touch like a rock or a crystal and Shaymin Changes into its Sky Forme and if you leave and enter it again it changes back. The Torn World would be above Mt. Cornet and when Diagla and Palkia are caputred by Cryus at Mt. Cornet and they start to battle and start to make the Torn World and the Real World Mix. Gritina would come in stop Cryus from Controling them and Gritina Catpures Cryus into the Torn World.

    2 New Characters

    Scientest Guy:
    Well With the Torn world I belive your Rival's Uncle aka Rowan's Brother Moves into town at Ethra city on the side were Mt. Cornet is there would be a new house there like a Lab and he would like there and research the weather changes and The Torn World. When in Diamond and Pearl Juptier steals that guys Buneary and does something to the bike guy the Scients guy will come and its a double battle you and him VS Jupiter and a Grunt. Then the same thing happends you beat them but Jupiter says when you lose how could I lose to our former lead---- And runs off the same thing happends you go get a bike and go back to the scients and hey says that he was once the leader of team Galatic and help them start the Torn world but he found out what they were using it for and he sealed the Torn Word up but they stole his blue prints and re Opened the Torn Word.
    I belive you have a double battle with him is because he has his back to us like in a battle.

    Other Person
    Well after all that in Ethna City you meet someone (Like how you meet Cynthia) He will be the new Champion How is Cynthia's Father or Brother or even Husband because there hands and stuff are in the same move ment. Anyways he gives you Hm Cut and says maybe I'll see you later kid. (You still wont no he's Champion untill you meet him again and he gives you the potion for the Psyducks)

    Umm I think that the Computer things will be a way to chat online not battle just talk and stuff and see your records and your friends records and stuff I think that will be in a building near Veilstone or Jublive

    The castle I think maybe party of the Battle Frontier Thing that will be in Johto which would lead to hopefully and remake of G and S


    i think He becomes a leader at the Battle Frontier thingy and Cythia takes his place as a everything leader thats why her family memeber takes over for her or it could be the otehr way around.


    The pokeitch gets upgrated i think it will be called Pokeitch V.2
    New clothes because of weather changes
    New changes like signs like for flormroma with flowers of it means like the city of flowers .

    Thats what I think what do you think???????
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