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  • Hey, Dan, how are you? I actually got around to finishing up Smash Bros. Dojo. And will post it very very soon.

    If you're still wanting to be co-owner let me know and I'll put you as co-owner.
    Gee... you're sure specific...

    & I've assured you several times already, yes! Your Misdreavous is female!
    Ali G. is a black rapper that has his own TV show; I've never watched it myself, but he does have his own show...

    But in any case, you have to tell me what kind of move-set you do want on your Shieldon.
    You sound almost like Ali G. Hehehe.

    The Misdreavous has Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Psychic, & Pain Split, which is a very powerful move-set; that means that you should have very little issues when it comes to training her short of not having enough time.

    I unfortunately can't say the same thing for both Murkrow & especially Shieldon... Murkrow has only the basics, composing of Wing Attack, Astonish, Haze, & Pursuit. I haven't even touched my Shieldon, as it still has Metal Sound, Take Down, Iron Defense, & Taunt.

    They all are in their twenties, however, so if you want any of these move-sets altered in any way, speak now. Do keep in mind that if you want me to alter the Shieldon's move-set, you might have to transfer him to my Diamond game...
    You didn't say that you've wanted a Cranidos...

    Anyway, I've finally got my hands on a wireless router that my DS can actually access.

    So, you just need to tell me what your FC is & I'll trade with you first thing that I get it.
    Cool! I found this site maybe a few months before I joined. I was looking up Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on Google and found Serebii.net.
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