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  • MOD definition according to me according to my exp:
    A person who is a old member who never got any infraction and follow all rules and also kicks *** of anyone who messes with him\her.
    Happy New Year Iota.
    SO you have been on SPPf for a long time. I think you have gotten a lot of Infractions by now cause you should be a MOD by now according to your join date.
    do you have Electirizer
    i have darkira moltres Totodile with blizzerd lavitar with bite Regirock with explosion Sftealth rock
    Well, then where is the writers blockade.

    Oh, and why did you give Ash a Pichu, I have always been wondering.

    I know it is a retelling but I expected giving him one of the normal starters :)
    I see. I have some ideas.

    You said the chapter will feautre Misty getting a new Pokemopn or Brock getting a new one.

    Why don't you give them both a Pokemon or only Brock cuz he is rarely in center of attention.

    And while at it, how about a Pichu development story when it wants to evolve, but Ash doesn't think it is ready yet :p

    Just a couple ideas...
    Yeah usually when that happens the person only wants worship.

    The sprites aren't bad, or atleast the three shown. They could just use sprucing up.

    But no evidently he's smarter than the whole spriting comunity.
    this one is funny tho. Seriously feels like it's whine cause I didn't bow down to the all powerful super sized devamps.
    Hm no if I remember right it was the same for both was it not?

    .. now I don't honestly remember tho lol.
    Iota: The 'colors' vary it seems. Some have it where the sprites do have color; 'white/color1/color2/black' and others just have it white/redbluegreen/redbluegreen/black [red for red, blue for blue and green for green].

    I think it depends on the rom or emulator used to capture the sprites or whatever I'm not sure
    In ALL Victreebael's appearances it wasn't use Double-Edge. I don't know how D.C believed to the guy who told it to him. maybe you saw it using Double-Edge?
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