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  • Hi Dangertrout!
    I know I don't participate on the Shiny Thread anymore but I still lurk around, taking a quick peek at my fellow hunters' new findings and I just so happened to see what you posted recently: "Which, by the way to the old timers who remember why I dropped off the face of the earth for a while: I beat cancer and got married this year!"

    I just wanted to leave this little message to say that I am super relieved and happy for you! You can't imagine the face of utter goodness I had when I read these lines. It's so important to me that you beat cancer AND got to be married. That's wonderful news and knowing that your health has become a lot better makes me smile! You were always strong and never gave up on anything and I am glad it is paying off.
    I know we didn't have all that much interactions back in the days but I am here to support you in whatever step you take in the future. So again, congratulations and I hope to see you around. :3
    Funny story...
    I gave up on shiny hunting once news of Sun & Moon came out because reasons.
    So I decided to start a Nuzlocke on my Pearl file instead. I've made it to the town with the contest hall, and that hiker who makes you collect an egg...
    which I did and immediately hatched for my pokemon of that town...
    I hatched a SHINY happiny
    Kind of neat to get a shiny as one of my nuzlocke pokemon :p

    It's a sign telling you to continue shiny hunting :p
    Yeah, it wasn't too bad. I think I started the hunt in early May, and I got Chimchar on June 12-13th. The thing about that hunt was that I was hunting on a fake Platinum for around 3k SRs, then I figured out it was fake and purchased a real Platinum version. So in total I did around 5k SRs.

    Good luck with Turtwig, it's a great shiny! When I was hunting Chimchar I would accidentally click Turtwig quite often because you don't have to click right or left. (I kept thinking I would get a Turtwig instead of my target ha)
    Yes it was! I got Chimchar in June (I think, might've been in May) in my Platinum version. It took roughly 2000-3000 SRs. I was expecting an extremely long hunt, but it wasn't too bad. Are you hunting a DPPt shiny starter?
    hopefully you'll read this soon - Carcara is asking if evolving Eevee into Leafeon counts for the CH or not.
    Maybe for the community hunt..:

    Autumn Falls Upon Us: Catch any shiny Pokemon found in a cave(like Zubat cling it the cave wall and fall so bad puns yay)
    Chlorophyll Leaves: Catch any shiny grass type Pokemon(like a leaf loses chlorophyll in autumn more bad puns yay xD)

    Hope these sound okay. :)
    I've been thinking really hard about what we could for next months CH, but the only things I've thought up are. A hunt for Fall colored shinies or based off of Labor day, worker pokemon like the Bidoof line, Combee line, and Durant. The reason I sent this is because this month is coming to a close and we have not decided a CH for next month.
    Ooh... Do Flooooon! Just realised I'll have both the original TR pair on my team if I do get Koffing lol
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