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  • Thx!!! XD i hate sring, i might never do it again cuz it takes so long. i will probably give up on this hunt... sigh, ill just trade DWF and shinies for a charmander...
    Morning? It's 4.30pm where I live. ^^; If you're free to trade right now, we could. Just tell me your friend code.
    Or we could maybe work out a time to trade this evening. What part of Canada are you in? I'm in London, England.
    Hi. I've managed to hatch a Modest Smoochum with these IV's: HP: 23, Att: 14, Def: 7, SpA: 26-29, SpD: 23, Speed: 30. Will that be alright? ^^; This is the best one I've hatched so far.
    My White 2 friend code is: 0777 2469 0482
    Ok, I'll breed you one. Will Modest natured do? My DW one is Modest (though if I happen to hatch a Timid DW one, you can have that). I'll try and breed one with some good IV's. That might take a little while though... ^^; I'd prefer a red or blue shard, if you have one.
    Lapras was my initial go-to ice shiny, then im presented with 41 egg cycles, i even found riolu with 26 egg cycles quite a challenge to hatch. gl with smoochum
    I'm not really after any particular Pokemon at the moment. But I am trying to collect lots of the shard items (red, blue, yellow, green) to use with the White 2 move tutors, so if you could trade me any Pokemon holding one of them I'd appreciate it. ^_^ What nature Smoochum do you want? I'd assume Timid or Modest.
    Thanks:D i will probably even mm for two of them, if it shines quickly, one for each evo. I need this shroomish first though, are you participating yourself?
    Hey dangertrout, if i were to mm shellder for the sheer purpose to evolve him into cloyster would it count as decembers community hunt? I know others debated this
    Yeah but i did take a break for SR and looked for N's pokemon, im going to start MM'ing again when i get all the legends since there are so many. That nice under 600 not too bad.
    yes i do but ive never had this luck with my charm cause it took weeks just for my latios to shine. Now its just being nice to me now.
    It's a service fee on the industry as a whole. I know that Smeargle was rushing to find a new cloner and was actually ticking off a customer because it was hard to provide the service. So by shrinking the cloning process down to probably a handful of moderately well-off individuals effectively kills the cloning industry. Which I feel is more cruel than just banning it outright.
    Which is why I feel like it should just be put to bed entirely. He's mentioned that RNG is still something they're keeping an eye on and is still a gray area that they're not sure how to handle. But the whole reasoning behind the AR ban is that it's "illegal" in the eyes of Nintendo/Gamefreak. But so is glitch exploitation, which is how you would "legitimately" clone now here on Serebii. It just comes off as banning the color indigo but not the color blue or purple.
    Oh, I'm sure the info must be really stacking up. Spoiler tags will probably be enough. Seeing how fanfics can take up a huge amount of characters for one chapter, you may not have too much trouble fitting it all in, but spoiler tags will definitely clean things up. You aren't being pressured to get it all figured out so quickly, though. That's one less burden, at least, so you can focus on school and your shiny hunts. :p
    Okay, so I have a few suggestions, though hopefully it isn't too much. For one, perhaps we may want to avoid discussion over the value of the shiny charm, since that could have the problem of spamming the thread with arguments very quickly.

    Also, even though it may also not be a huge concern anymore, the effects of a dry battery on R/S games and the RNG in Emerald games might be some things to address for anyone who wants to try hunting on those games, since I believe people got confused with that in the past. These may not be a big things that you need to point out anymore, but they're just suggestions anyway. :p
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