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  • Hey man. How are you? It's been so long since I've talked to you lol.
    Sup man. I'm alright, still living in high tax NJ, working the same job and such. I don't really post much anymore and haven't for a few months, but I saw your one post and was wondering about you lol. How are you doing? NFL season is near, Go Cowboys!
    Hunter Zolomon
    Hunter Zolomon
    Same here man work keeps me busy still lol. I'm trying hard to check in on here more. Plus Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu is right around the corner. During my spare time I've been keeping up with the Sun/Moon anime as well. I'm very excited for the NFL and College Ball. Go Lions and Michigan lol.
    Uuuuuu, I'm telllling Sereenaaaaa!! Yeah I can see Aria resembling a Harajuku fashion girl. Though to me, she looks like a walking fashion diseaster curse me for looking at Fashion Police! I hope she really doesn't look like that and that's really a disguise. She would look really pretty if she had normal looking clothes and I guess a less eye popping hair color. I'd rather look at her than Nene "shivers". If you did that for April Fools, I'll avoid your posts. I say that but in actuality, I wouldn't do that.
    WTF.... my computer froze with disgust at the sight of that hideous creature! I think Satomine posted too early for April Fools don'cha think?
    What in the world did I just watch? o_O And what were those cosplay Pikachu doing? Well, that's certainly a better thing to do than run around being thugs and messing with people :p
    I'm okay how are you?

    Nah, I'm actually a little intrigued by SM62 because of the Alolan Meowth, and I'm hoping that it still can be Nanu's Meowth.
    Lol good thing I'm skipping this episode, it sounds boring so far. I'm definitely not going to watch the dub version of it either do to Team Rocket's crappy vas.
    I'm alright, just recently watched the entirety of Yugioh: Season 0
    So he's resorted to playing pranks on other criminal organization leaders and getting his face smashed into...er...not-snow. I think I'd much rather see him in the anime than see him do stuff like that. Seriously, what is wrong with some of these MMD creators?
    WTH indeed! Seriously, what is Gladion going to do if Lillie gets a hold of these videos? He would be so embarrassed that and then he would probably set out to murder Hau in his sleep.

    Apparently, running animations in the 1990s were incredibly awkward and full of stereotypes. Seriously, the only ones who run normally are Red and Leaf (I think that's supposed to be Leaf). Everyone else runs rather oddly, especially Blue.
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