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  • I got your message and wrote back but it didn't send and erased everything. I didn't feel like typing the whole thing again so I was like, forget it, I agree with everything. Thank you for the condolences. That woman was an absolute monster until 3 years ago but she left a good impression on me. :)
    I'm not sure who suffers from this addiction more—your boi Guzma or the apathetic Kahuna Nanu.

    On another note, Team Rainbow Rocket is looking dope.
    And you know the scariest part? It does look good on him!

    Yeah, we should probably blame Jessie, James, and Meowth for whatever Giovanni has been smoking/snorting to make him dance like that.

    The only one who fits that dance is Anabel. Looker and Nanu should be nowhere near those cherry blossom petals. What coerced them into doing that? Don't blame Hau for that one; he only coerces his fellow young Trainers (people around his own age). He doesn't coerce adults, and especially not police officers (not even apathetic ones)! The possible exceptions to that might be the Kahunas, because I could see them letting themselves be coerced by Hau just for giggles.
    Why does Gladion have a ponytail? Did Hau convince him to grow out his hair, too?!

    Anyway, I highly doubt Hau is dealing with the boss of Team Rocket (or Team Rainbow Rocket), so try to explain why Giovanni is acting like he has been snorting too much...something in this video.

    I will give Hau this one, though. Convincing Gladion and USUM Sun to ice skate (without ice skates) with him is actually incredibly entertaining.
    Yeah SM has always been unpredictable but the plot's been thickening and so many things are happening at the same time that I don't even know what's going on anymore. We're all worried that Lusamine will be seen as a good mother who embarrasses her kids instead of a subtle villain.

    Sorry that I made that post so ambiguous. I didn't want to write my issue publicly. I'll send a private message.
    Get real, man. Hau doesn't need to bribe Gladion with malasadas. He is good friends with Gladion's precious little sister. He can probably just ask Lillie to ask Gladion to participate in these videos; whatever Lillie wants, Gladion is sure to do just to please her (and make up for running off and leaving her to deal with their crazy mother on her own).

    Besides, spiking Gladion's malasadas makes him act even edgier than normal, like he does in this video.
    So... unless Hau is the cameraman, he's not responsible for Gladion doing this, so how do you explain this? Sun doesn't have enough of a personality to seduce Gladion (or anyone for that matter except maybe his fellow emotionless robot Moon).
    Well until then, I'll keep doing what I normally do. I really like Christmas music. I was listening to it back in July!! :D I love the Christmas atmosphere, it feels magical and warm (despite it being cold outside.) I'm looking forward to next week's episode too (I am trying to avoid the previews so that I won't get too spoiled by the events happening in the episode.) Time flies by fast working. ^^
    Pft, Hau doesn't need to seduce Acerola. She would probably gladly join him if he asked her to dance. In fact, she may be the one who coerced him into dancing, for all we know! :O
    Yes, I did send you that video a long time ago, but that was before Gladion debuted in the anime. Yeah, I remember Hau can be pretty good at "seducing" people except Lillie, it seem.

    I never said Sceptile can't dance. :p Anyway, Sceptile isn't the only one can who dance.
    Check out Charizard's moves.

    Or check out Incineroar's moves.
    For some reason, videos like this one just seem even funnier now that Gladion has actually appeared in the anime a few times. I guess it's because he is just as serious as his game counterpart, and it's even harder to imagine him getting convinced to dance like that. What, did Hau threaten to kidnap Lillie unless Gladion danced with him?
    Oh yeah that's true. My brothers moved out multiple times (they did it around 18-19. I'm kind of envious of their strength but of course, they were pretty irresponsible) and they definitely don't want to live with dad. I remember one of them telling me that they wished they stayed at home but mainly to save up money. I'm not moving out this very instant, there's so many things I have to stay for but soon I will.... well plan to!! I'm not too too worried about my finances. I'm more or less thinking of my budget and knowing that I'll have to get another job in order to qualify for a somewhat decent monthly rent which is hard. ^^; Sounds like you're having a big well deserved break from work!! I'm not really looking forward to the holidays. Just seems like the same old day but with some significance to it.
    THe episode this week was awesome! I loved the change in atmosphere, it felt natural. And yeah, that's what I've been doing. ^^ I'm starting to comment more on the threads and then I forget to check if I had anyone responding to my comment/looking at the other comments. I've been researching on cities and got really interested at looking at apartments (something I used to love doing when I was 16, dreaming on leaving and living my life) but I'm not leaving yet since I don't want to miss out on holiday pay (if I actually get to work on those days), building up experience, and saving up. I wished I got up that early again. I've been waking up at 12 recently (which I should really stop doing). For some reason I think that it's fun to go to sleep by passing out even when I'm dead tired from work. Yes I'm loving my 3 days off!!! As you know, 2 weeks ago, I've been working every single day but Sunday so getting more than 1 day off is a godsend!!
    Good thing you got the message! ;) And sorry for not being active... again. Funny on how I just wrote that message, did barely anything on my actual day offs, and next thing you know, I've relapsed back to thinking I couldn't possibly contribute much to the conversation. ;_; I've been super busy with work especially yesterday (I was originally off but my coworker the day before yesterday if I could take her shift since she wanted to take her kiddos trick or treating and of course I'll say yes!! They overwork us and I have no kids anyway). So now, I have 3 days off since my coworker will take my shift on Thursday and I'm off today and Friday. I took a quick peek at the Anime Spoilers section and man did I miss some things after procrastinating for a week or more.
    Oh silly me, I press the runs away from satopi link first and wondered why you would run away from me when the first link is obviously my post from that thread, until I actually clicked on it. ._.
    No I haven't seen it yet. This is such great news!!! Definitely put me in good spirits!! So happy for her!! :D
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