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  • Hello there. I believe our last discussion ended when my wifi didn't work. WELL, it's been working rather well for quite some time now.
    Hey danii101 how have you been lately,
    i hope that you had a nice crissmas and a good new year (yeah i now it very verylate)
    and i hope that you will have a good 2010.
    (i was gone a long time >_< so i couldend sent you this message earlyer... but yeah i said it now, better late than never, or not :) )

    GREETZ Dr.d.
    thats cool. break has been awesome. PS3 almost daily. I beat one of the games i got already. i beat it yesterday. Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Rent it if you have never played it. Or buy it for 20 or 30 bucks at target or best buy. i might go snowboarding or skiing today or this weekend.
    hey it is fine! i understand about getting back late. trustme lol. Anyway, i didnt get the zelda game yet, i will todayat around 6:30 coz my dad is getting it. I would have had it by now, BUT the guy at Gamestop said they didnt even get their shipment in! :-\
    I was soooo pisssed off lol. the mario game is pretty sweet tho. i am already on world 3, but i havent played it that much. i havent even played by myself yet. i have only played on a "family file". I think i will copy it tho, but maybe not. i wouldnt have died half the times i did if i didnt have to carry my 4 year old sister on it, and my brother would always skrew me up lol.ya, i think i am getting a PS3 for christmas. u know how parents are always like, wat would u do with one, why,...etc etc. lol. they did that last year to me with an ipod nano. I see it coming.
    it was great! saturday we r going to red robin, getting a pepermint blizzard cake from DQ, and i got new supe rmario bros wii and 75 dollars, and the new zelda ds game on preorder. my dads gonna pik it up monday.
    lol. ya do u know how link has the sword beam with full hearts? well, they were gonna do that in marvel. and samus had classic attaks like beam, missles, and screw atttack. look for it it on utube its pretty cool actually
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