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  • yeah i realize gba events are worth more then ds events. trying to build up my events so i can trade gba for other gba as well. take your time.
    yeah i seen comments regarding wobbuffet and squirlte. whenevr you picked out anything you like then pm me here or neoseeker and any gceas that would be fair.
    ok i will try to find any but that will be near impossible. if i do get any you will be told. otherwise i am looking for gcea events i don't have. now i am not sure which ones are rarer.
    yeah that's fine. i understand about keeping pokemon nft. what gba events were you looking for in order to trade for one of the cacturnes? i know it's extremely rare and ds events don't compare to gba events. that's like the one thing i want the most and can offer everything you pick out from me for it. if not then i can try to look for the events you want but that will be hard most likely.
    i wish i had a legit wish chansey or any others i don't have. yeah just make a list of what you would be interested. i'm basically looking for any older events i don't have.
    Interested in your shiny timid WSHMKR Jirachi am offering two for one: shiny ut quiet kyurem and dw arceus ut timid and/ or SPR2012 Reshiram ut also offering a male close combat adamant shiny flawless growlithe, just vm me if interested xD
    Guess I could try to convince someone of that but would they believe me? What are the chances? .o.
    They're all shiny. T-T Thanks for your input, it's like Pawn Stars where that one dude knows a dude for everything! xD
    Well someones gotta know! ^w^ So I got these "Thomas" Year of the Dragon Poké's, right? Can they have an American OT tho? It's weirding me out 'cause this trader dude didn't trust them and I dont want hacks in my PC! Dx Light shedding plox.
    Sup, dude! I heard that you're the go 2 guy when it comes 2 Events and stuff! If you are, then can I ask you a Q? :0
    Hey, just to make it clear, the jolly celebi that was in question isn't the jolly you think (I think), theres a second jolly that originated from DM26 which is the supposedly hacked one.
    You checked the first Manaphy which came from Hades but you have not checked the other one which I traded as Non-Redis if you need me to send it to you I have no problem to do that.
    I now asked Kevin24 who is looking for someone to convert it into file form and to proof my Pokemon was legit yet it's Redis right was broken
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