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  • Either way it was odd, as my 5th gen games could connect but my 4th gen ones couldn't. Well, I'm getting Kevin24 to tutor it and trade it to me on 5th gen.

    Widely among us competitive battlers, shiny pokemon as rare as this simply increase their value by a LOT if they have tutor moves not accessible in the generation game that they normally battle in...

    Take Chansey for example. People value Seismic Toss ones VERY highly. Why? It's 3rd gen, and there aren't many 3rd Gen Chanseys being used in the metagame--much less shiny ones.

    The more inaccessible the move tutors, the more valuable the pokemon that knows those moves becomes...Not to mention I plan on cloning & using a clone of the Mew in battles...

    It's completely legit, and almost nobody has one...Much less one that knows such good moves. LOL
    Thank you!

    Only seems to be a single problem:

    My SoulSilver's being a jerk to me it seems. I managed to connect to Wifi with my White, now I'm trying with my HeartGold. If that doesn't work, I have Platinum. LOL
    Me too...Yeah, I lost out, but I seriously doubted he would actually trade me back in the end.
    Well it looks like he's getting banned...

    I wonder what his face will look like when he finds his account banned when he logs on next. LOL
    I agree...

    In my mind the evidence is pretty overwhelming. Aside from the pointless insults and the blunt responses on my part, all that remains is for the mods to finish him off.
    I really doubt that it's true. I have siblings, and I've got nothing over the interwebs that I share with them, including a Photobucket & Photoshop account.

    It doesn't make sense that they would see it.

    Also, if they do an IP search on them they'd find the same thing. However, I think that the evidence when combined makes its own solid case against the guy.
    I traced the URL of the image he sent me, and he's got JuanLiNK's photobucket account.


    Go on photobucket and search under the name JuanLink26, and look for the same picture, and then go to page two or three of my VM page.

    You'll see the same picture there if he hasn't deleted it yet. This wifi network apparently wants to block Photobucket, so yeah...It's all I have to work with.

    Here's the URL of the picture:


    Not sure if it works as I checked the properties of a blocked picture, but it's there.

    EDIT: Looked on my phone, and typed the URL itself in the address bar. It's that very same picture. Look at the URL when you're done looking at it. ^_^
    I posted a better post in the Blacklist. It's updated and contains the research I found myself.

    It's supremely disturbing that I wasn't even looking for it. I simply couldn't see the picture, traced the URL to look at it, and there it lies.
    Here's how I found that sucker:

    Look at page three or so on my VM, and you will see the screenshot he posted on my wall.

    You have to right-click it. After you do that, click on the Properties button that shows up under the options that you have. Now...

    Look at the URL Address of the picture, found in there. Photobucket, nor the internet, lies.

    That is actual real-time data sitting there, not manufactured. Posted ORIGINALLY by DragonMaster26. Interesting to say the least. I am posting that along with all relevant information in my second official post.

    Anything you might wish to add to it?
    OMG Those are alot of events well they are definately more than thousand oh and do you have a R4 or Emulator for those?
    You and Cosmic make me LOL, relevance of in-game name being Juan tied to me? None, it's circumstantial at most, i could argue he just gave it to me, which you nor anyone have proof of the contrary.

    And i had responded to him since yesterday (tuesday) about the tradeback, that he didnt notice it make's him look like a fool (especially with all his claims in your VM Wall) and the fact that you also backed up something without proof (not shocker from you) is just hilarious, so enjoy it while you can :) and sorry for posting past your bedtime like you told CF

    Just parting with a fun fact--it may be the same game, just different DS's.

    If you connect to wifi, your DS and game are treated as a set. Your FC along with everyone in your Pal Pad are deleted, and a new FC is reassigned if you connect to wifi using the same game, but on another DS...
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