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  • Really appreciate your efforts in cleaning Serebii's trade shops of the hackers. I've tried but lacked the solid proof that you and Kaphotics brought.

    Thanks man!
    No, my plan is too far along for him to do a thing about it. LOL

    And I did my homework, and the two FC's are different, just saying. I am not sure if they are one and the same, but in the end it doesn't matter. He's toast either way. I made sure to leave no back door open. :)
    Thanks! And is there anyone you know of who could accept the file on a 4th gen game and then trade the Mew to me? I've got a killer moveset planned out for it already...LOL

    And I made the post in the Blacklist specifically to back him into that corner. Pretty much, he has no choice but to either repair the damage to me immediately or be blacklisted in a most inglorious fashion. LOL

    Fighting isn't an option for him, as I've got all angles covered in that post. If he does try, he's going to lose almost instantly. LOL
    Dan , I have been trying to do that for ages , now she started to spamm me , posting pointless stuff ,and I got hacks from her to she has to give me something or let go...
    Hello Danny. I read your post at Blacklist ,and I have already told you mate I was scammed on that Celebi. I tried thrice to trade-back and I offered free stuff. And I do think that Ikhana does not think I have given her hacked events knowingly ,and she gave me hacked events unknowingly mate :/ my hacking issues are only 4 out of thousands of trade well that's all I have let us hear what does she want.
    No one can question your legality analysis also =P.
    Well, I just put DM26's name into the Blacklist...

    I think he's gonna get a loud and clear message from this. lol
    Stone Snorlax I guess does not have any of those Celebi you need to check but Dewey has them both that's why I asked him in first place. As for DM26's issue he will try to make it up for people ..
    Thanks! ^_^ I'm talking to him right now, and am hoping he is able to put it into a 4th gen game...
    I would very much love the Bold one then! ^_^

    Do you have someone that you could trade it to then they trade it to me? I simply don't get how files work, sadly...:(
    Oh yea go to bed, sleep is very important. I enjoy battles but I never get like addicted, maybe I'd do 1-3 battles with some spare time if I get any.
    Hmm so you have PO huh ^.^ wanna have a quick fight? I had a nu uu ou uber but most of them got erased by accident :/
    Are the IV's on them good, and are they available on 4th gen? (interested especially in the Bold one, as I definitely see gold in that one LOL)

    One more thing: do you know their movesets? I love Shiny Mews, and I already have a small collection of them...:)
    I would think my best area is finding the balance between what's both collectible and competitive at the same time lol
    I see but those three are not being out yet so I doubt their existence LoL.
    Have you ever tried to use any of those three? =P
    No I was told Kaphotics confirmed the Lax one is hacked but now I know all of em are hacked which makes it number 5 impossible shiny Legend
    and Victini.
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