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  • Would they have a ribbon attached to them when they are downloaded?

    And how do I receive the files for the mews and download them onto my DS games, such as my SoulSilver, or my Black/White Versions???
    And on a completely separate note, here is the total damage. It's a good thing I've got good friends here on Serebii, or else I would have suffered greatly over this whole thing...:(


    The damage:

    Mikena Pichu (shiny event), holding its Everstone. Jolly UT

    Nintendo of Korea Regigigas, Naughty UT

    Pikachu Cafe Magmortar, holding its item. Hardy UT

    Dream World event Piplup, Adamant UT. Caught in Dream Ball.

    Dream World event Bulbasaur, Lax UT. Caught in Dream Ball.


    Note that ALL of the above events are Korean, and are HIGHLY coveted on these forums, and tend to have a hefty price tag on them, for the sole fact that they're Korean...lol
    So, just a question: Why couldn't XD pokemon be shiny? Was there a check or something on them?

    And does that make the XD Raikou, Entei, & Suicune I sometimes see hacks?
    Sweet! I got a couple legit ones from Kevin24, both Lonely and Adamant, on 4th gen, so that I could use them in battle in the end...

    To me, they have pretty high value indeed, and I doubt people are simply going to come up with the stuff to pry them off me LOL

    What natures of those Jirachis do you have? I've already got a collection going, so I might as well hunt those down! lol
    I generally like going especially for Mews & Jirachis in 4th Gen, as well as of course Deoxys and other stuff...Pretty much, those pokemon that are ONLY events.

    Do you have a legitimate Shiny Celebi able to be put on 4th Gen on you??? I've been DYING to get my hands on one! ^_^
    Well, of all the people he traded those particular three to, I am the one person most dangerous to him, I think...

    I've ended up with all three of the ones he claimed to have (I still have them for experimentation purposes, as most hacks that are in my hands...LOL).

    I know the evidence against him, and now I know what the heck I am talking about. haha...

    I have suffered probably more than any others he traded those pokemon to...


    In my opinion, my reputation is pretty much staked on the fact that I enforce my own policies. If he does not promptly get to me with discussing a tradeback, when I swing, the blow is going to knock him to at least the next world. LOL

    I've made it clear that it wasn't his "cousin's" fault for this whole mess. In a way it was, but he's responsible for having distributed the hacks.

    As for me, I am clean. I've already made my refund offers, and have all but one person to complete. (TVGuru and I are even, and NoToRiousBrawl & Kevin24 have let me go for it. All I have left is dewey911p)

    He, however, is not as far as I know, so if I do end up placing him on the Blacklist, there will be no contest: I'm going to win this fight, and pretty much have won it already, thanks to yours and Kaphotics's help in revealing the cracks in the floor about those pokemon.

    I am a pretty hardcore shiny collector, and I LOVE going for the rarest ones, hence my vigorous hunt for them. I payed out the nose in some places for them, but in the end I "got" them. Turns out I was being made to look like a fool the entire time. I wondered why I wasn't getting business lately. Now I do, and I'm dealing with it as best as I can.

    For his sake, I hope he does compensate everyone for that whole mess, myself included, or he's going to have likely the worst backlisting since the 5th Gen forums first appeared.
    My record is almost clear. All I have left is one person to offer a refund to, and then I have the green light to pursue my own tradeback/hammer swinging. LOL
    Well, I pride myself on being an honest and reliable trader, even if the pokemon I am dealing with are NOT my own...

    I put a guarantee in my shop that pretty much if ANY hack slips past my line, I am going to refund it. I see no reason to give people reason to call me a liar. lol
    Thanks, but I'm not blacklisting him yet.

    I refuse to do so while I still have a tarnished record, so I'm going to get a few tradebacks done.

    All in all, I'm going to take a rather nasty hit from the whole thing, and chances are I won't be trading nearly as actively for events because of this whole debacle.
    I made a pretty detailed post in the Blacklist thread about the hacks I need to tradeback and refund for.

    I'll provide proof of our trade, but he's pretty much ackknowledged that it happened the way I said it did, so there's no point of him arguing about it anyway.
    Well, if you'd like, I've got a Shiny MYSTRY Mew that I have unlisted in my trade shop.

    If you wouldn't mind checking it yourself (I don't want it to come onto Pokecheck for fear of its data being leaked), I would be interested in trading it to you.

    Mostly, I'm just looking for shiny stuff now, as I've seen about enough of drama over WISH and PCNY events. LOL

    EDIT: I sent you a PM over Neoseeker, regarding a certain issue regarding yet more 3rd Gen events...LOL

    Would you mind taking a look at it for me?

    EDIT #2: Oops, I got ninja'd about the PM. LOL
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