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  • aww thanks for your kind words
    it's totally okay that my thread is closed.
    And don't worry, I didn't take the "bashing" too seriously :)
    I mean, I'm not hurt or anything.

    peace, love, hugs, and Merry Christmas

    Are you still going on about this Yami?

    I thought we agreed that I was right, and you were an idiot.

    "I am no longer going to bother with a person..."
    Please, please, please go through with this. It'll make my Christmas.

    I like how you don't know half the terms and phrases I use, but know that I'm using them incorrectly. xD
    Lol. Well seeing as your stupidity also helped get the artists thread closed, I'm not even going to bother trying to get you to see reason since you are obviously as thick as a rock or you are only capable of thoughts just above a rocks level.

    So some advice Dante Falls. If you can't use phrases and coined terms properly- don't use them. If you have something to say to the person, take it to VM and if you can't, baw to your friends. If you want to continue being a thick rock, go ahead. I'm no longer going to bother with a person who will proudly stiffle an artist because oh I do not like how this person reviewed them!!!!.

    Have fun.
    I like your definitions of crap and moral superiority. Do you have a newsletter or magazine I can sign up to, to recieve further moral BS?

    It would save me a lot of time, especially considering you write way too much for such a small debate, and I honestly don't care what you have to say, ultimately.

    Plus, it's really going nowhere. You seem to have some vendetta that I don't think I'll be able to appease.
    Because evidently you do not mind adding or helping spam a thread I have to take it to here.

    Maybe if you actually looked it up on wikipedia;

    Person 1 makes claim X
    There is something objectionable about Person 1
    Therefore claim X is false

    Meaning, you're falling under your own use of the term. So your witty little coin of phrase is backtracking and attacking you, because you yourself are acting in an objectionable manor because you are hindering the chances of an artist actually learning that maybe, just maybe, they drew crap and should try for better.

    -_- cause when we boil it down that's what you and juice are doing. Nothing more, nothing less.

    And the witless response concerning your lack of suggesting what to have the person do about the wonky arm, was really splendid. Really.
    You said I was hyperbole-ing. I looked it up. Evidently it means exaggeration/etc etc. But you never said what I was hyperbole-ing about. My sum of your words, or whatever else? Oh dear.

    You may as well say Munch's The Scream is bad because the head doesn't look human
    And is this what you meant dear? Because I already know of it and I don't mind it at all. Because you know what the differences are? One, it's not in 'sexy get up', two it does not look like a deformed underage girl and three, it's not a character made up in a poor attempt for fanservicing.

    Or are you one of those people that like getting off to twisted art... ?

    Cause mean you and your little friend who is just as smart as you, clearly don't understand you're actually hurting the artist by not attempting to help them draw humans better, just because others have different styles and interpretations.

    Or are you one of those people who is against 'any negative comments' or 'any deviation of thought away from mindless praise'?
    I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about Yami Ryu. Try elaborating or voicing your points clearler.

    @JUiCE6, Yeah, might be a good idea. I don't see it having a happy ending at all.
    Man, you've got some sort of dogma you're trying to ram down people's throughts there.

    oh ye it's what you said.

    A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or This book weighs a ton.

    but if you mean the 10 yr old with tits thing, no I did not. I have seen it used on a site to exagerate something, but here? Oh no it works just fine.
    So evidently being offended by a picture that looks like a 10 yr old with tits trying to seduce the viewer, is a bad thing?

    And yes I'm really a prude or someone with an agenda or have a crusade to ram this down my throat.

    Cause yes you really know me by one post. Lol.
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