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  • About the zamazenta you asked for on quick trade, are you up for a trade back for a zacian?
    Im good now was able to get one
    Yeah, I'll have to wait until I've got something worth your time.

    Unless you're after the Pokebank Pokémon that recently came out? I've got all three HA Unova starters I could trade you for it.
    Well, I'll just have to hold out myself until I can get you something acceptable for your Pokémon, as these days I'm really only looking for uncloned Pokémon. Not to mention, as far as I know the cloning glitch for X/Y doesn't even work anymore...
    I'd totally take you up on that, but I'm not sure where my X version is. Odds are it's back at my mom's house -- and that's well over a thousand miles away.

    I'm pretty sure you won't accept breedable Pokémon instead, would you? Because that's literally about all that I've got -- a massive stash of Marills, Eevees, and Minccinos that I've bred recently for a team I'm building.
    Ok I'm back and I'm ready to start getting back in action on playing Pokemon and fell behind on getting all the new events and shinys
    Sure, just name the event and I won't clone it.

    I still have a partial inventory open in my old shop -- nothing's changed so far there, except for the Tanabata Jirachi (I don't have that anymore).

    EDIT: For clarity, I'm asking you to name your price. If it's not anything I'm not particularly attached to (such as one of my Korean events), I'll gladly trade it to you without going through the process of cloning it. This is of course to preserve the fact that we're conducting a REAL trade this time around. I'll even toss in a spare shiny in my inventory if you'd like, if the event you choose isn't as rare as some others.
    Awesome. Do you want the one I already have claimed or would you like me to reset the other one for a nature of your choice?

    And will the trade be the Gengar for your Aegis?
    That's a good question. I'm assuming it does, but don't take my word for it. It could be that just ANY Diancie will trigger the event, but I feel it's a good thing to look up before actually going through with it.

    So, it's both my Gengars for your Aegislash? And am I correct in assuming that none of our Pokemon will be cloned?
    I've got two of the American Gengar events that I acquired myself. Would both be acceptable if I traded both to you uncloned? One of the Gengars is unclaimed, and the one that is has a Timid nature. I can reset for a Gengar of a nature of your choice.

    EDIT: I have a Diancie as well that I acquired myself, but I'm not intending to clone it as long as I've got it. It has at least 4 perfect IV's and an "Outstanding" potential. I got a good one, and it's one that I intend to keep untouched for quite some time.
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