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Dark Arceus
Last Activity:
Nov 14, 2015
Aug 7, 2007
Likes Received:

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Dark Arceus

Worst. Name. Ever.

Dark Arceus was last seen:
Nov 14, 2015
    1. Dark Cacturne
      Dark Cacturne
      Yo DA, how's everything? Long time no see xD
    2. Manaphyman

      I'm good man, I'm good. How are you?
    3. Nathan Madien
      Nathan Madien
      Thank you for visiting my profile.
    4. Manaphyman
      Hey dude, thanks!

      I'm glad I helped somehow in this place. I will be here limtied after november...essentially to get my fic done.
    5. wingullpie
      Hey can I join the Totodile and Evos club?
      I tried posting but no-one answered. Can't wait to use the banners!
    6. Senbonzakura
      hehe yeah those times were great and as for the games section, i only go into the sig rate thread
    7. Senbonzakura
      yeah its me, my post count got reset when i got my name change. ahh that was a good thread. there wasn't many noobs back then and the GPD was a nice place. he well i hang round the clubs and sometimes GPD now but i mainly look but rarely post..

      lol its good to catch up after so long :)
    8. PurpleMew
      lol it is funny and i dunno. lmao.
    9. PurpleMew
      hai ya DA, you have been stalking my profile, right ?
    10. mewmew202
      haha really u didn't? I had forgotten you would have known me by that name first. Yeah in the beginning I had it in my sig but then I took it out after like a month or 2 lol. But yes reading threads definitely tells you things lol.
    11. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      Some of the PMD2 avies scare me. Machamp for example D= (Seeing it in the game was scary too)

      And yep, I knew. The second only lasted for a little over a month and a half D= (Wait, it closed in July....2 and a half months then. Or something.)
    12. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      That's a good thing to do =3 (Well, in my opinion). I think I change mine every week. Or something like that. Looking for avies and coming up with usertitles is fun =P
    13. raglflagl
      Seriously? Even I don't remember that. Haha. No problem. ;D.

      Anyways, I think the easiest way would be to do a White-Be-Gone in GIMP, unless that's what you did. Another way, which requires a lot of patience is to use the eraser tool (GIMP, Photoshop, w/e) to remove the white background around the image. Save it as .gif for all browsers to see as transparent or as .png for higher quality but not all browsers will see it as transparent. D:

      Hope I helped. ;D.
    14. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      Love the avy. Slugma = win.

      Yes, random, I know.
    15. Angelic Pika
      Angelic Pika
      Well I wish you a lot of good luck then! I hate those kinds of tests, ugh. Don't say that's you're unready, just believe ;)

      I guess so? I think we're continually bothered by those frickin' hurricanes [or typhoon's as we call it] But it just so happens that, whenever there's school only a slight storm comes in. [or in my terms: a storm that doesn't make school go away XD;;]
    16. Angelic Pika
      Angelic Pika
      hallo thar Dark :3 I'm fine, getting used to school, and stuff. I hope things are going well for you?
    17. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      Hiya DA.

      Yeah, I evacuated. Luckily, we could've (and wanted to) stayed (but my grandma kept bugging us to leave). All is well ^^ Thanks for being (somewhat) concerned =3
    18. Thunderfrog
      Hey new here, noticed your a Leeds United fan. Will be travelling down to Elland Road this Saturday ;)

      Bristol Rovers Fan =)
    19. ~*Opal Totodile*~
      ~*Opal Totodile*~
      =D yeahI totally forgot about it because so many small things kept coming up -.-' still everything's good now ^^

      mm i think i did pretty well =D my grades were all passes, so i'm happy i got into college ^^ good luck with yours =D if french is anything like mine, it's easy :D
    20. Manaphyman
      Thanks! And its nooo problem, I appreciate the well wishes
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