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Dark Eevee
Last Activity:
Nov 10, 2016
Jul 4, 2009
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Dark Eevee

Well-Known Member

Dark Eevee was last seen:
Nov 10, 2016
    1. treeko777
      yea i was thinking about making 1s but they wont be as good as urs and pikas
    2. treeko777
      hi dark Eevee still making comics :)
    3. sizida
      wow, i guess trick room and tailwind combo works.

      your spiritomb keeps using hypnosis on me, good thing i have beautyquen to back me up. your milotic dragon breath is impressive, keeps paralyze me too. and luckily i have strong spec def pokemon with me although they are not proper trained. nice battle as my heart keeps beating very fast hoping that your hypnosis miss me lol.

      thanks for the battle! next battle will be on PBR i promise. now i going to bed.
    4. sizida
      ok, mine is 2321 9222 8591.
      see you online!
    5. sizida
      sorry the site is slow. yup items are allowed

      can't find your siggy in your posts as error pops up. may i know your fc?
    6. sizida
      yes. it would be fun!

      ok, i am going online!
    7. sizida
      i don't want standard battle, but no uber legendaires but ubers are allowed. is that ok with you? and it is double.
    8. sizida
      i do. but it is pretty late for me to set the wii and on it.
      will ds battle is fine with you?
    9. sizida
      hiya! since you are online, may i try to battle you?
    10. Dark Eevee
      Dark Eevee
      Remeber to start new sprite contest Friday.
    11. PainLesS
      If i do it tomorrow, can you start the next contest day after that? (Friday)
    12. PainLesS
      I leave that choice to you :) What do you want?
    13. SmoG878
      hey, i just talked it over with s.i.e, and i think you should take over the contests from now. Birdtrainer Jeff wants to assist and i hope you guys do well to keep up the tradition.

      Kudos :)
    14. sizida
      oh yeah? that will be awesome! but i still prefer non-hack pokemon but what is the chance of you get non hacked event pokemon lol.
      maybe i should raise them up then! since they have normal stats.
    15. sizida
      hmm, this site is a little buggy. my conversation ends up in my site lol.

      as i said, the hack pokemon with normal stats will work fine is it?
    16. sizida
      is it true that hack pokemon will have bad stats in PBR? like a bad egg stats?
    17. sizida
      lol, that is stupid. so what if they learn those moves? the pokemon type will never change so the move is weak. well i must say stats wise is the problematic one. but if you are able to topple them, i think it will be a huge achievement!
    18. sizida
      you mean you battled someone which the illegal moves? that is why you stated articuno with fire blast?
    19. sizida
      i do see hack pokemon on nintendo wifi, well by the level it was caught. i know jirachi can't be caught at level 11, but i still trade for it anyway, to give to my friend lol. well i know it can't be used for online battling, at it helps to fill up the pokedex. yeah for the legendaries, it is hard to get a legit event pokemon.
    20. sizida
      lol, but i think deoxys and mew is still as popular as ever. maybe kyogre and groundon too perhaps?
      cloning in emerald huh? too bad i don't even have that. i only have sapphire and firered and boy i always replaying them.
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