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  • hey Gladeshadow! things are still hectic, lol! ^^" how about yourself? and yes, i did- thank you v much again for letting me know about it! i doubt i'll be lucky enough to win anything, but i might as well try! =P and yeah, i saw that- i'm gonna try really hard to get most of the old stuff done while i have a bit of time off today, so hopefully i'll be able to be open again soon. ^^" sorry everythings taken soo long though...

    hi NL! yeah, my inactivity hasn't helped with that much, soo sorry! ^^" i hope you're well!
    Hey, how are things?
    Did you enter that competition?
    You've had some more requests by the way but i've sorted it out for you :)
    hehe, cheers SR! *accepts*

    and yes i do weebl33- it's pretty awesome! ^__^ i can't read japanese either (although i'm slowly trying to learn), but it hasn't been that much a problem, lol! =P are you gonna get it then once it comes to US/UK?

    uh, ok Ramachi, if you want. but you should wait til your un-banned and all... o_O

    ~ and yes, i do take forever to reply to messages, lol! xD oops!
    hi Gladeshadow! ^^
    yeah, i noticed- people really seem to have a problem with reading the front page, lol! >.<" i made another semi-rant post, so hopefully some people will actually read it this time and give me a chance to catch up a bit... i'm sorry i'm kinda leaving everything to you again though, and i'll try and get back up to speed a bit by the weekend hopefully so i can start helping out again... ^^''
    Hello :) Ok people are still requesting stuff for you. Do you want me to send them a message telling them to delete their requests and come back when your open again? That way you don't have about a thousand things to catch up with
    ok Night Shadow, but i'll still put the swampert 1 up for you as soon as it's done. if it's another request for me it might take a while though... *has soo little time right now* lol. >.<'

    and hai weebl33! ^__^ i've been good! having fun playing platinum in any spare time i've got, lol! xP how about you?
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