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  • Thanks for the chaos(even though I didn't get swampert).
    I added a new request on the dark vally shop. It involved your work so you may want to look at it.
    yeah, i've been good, but uber busy! >.< i don't think i'll get to relax 'til about christmas at this rate, lol! ^^'

    how about you?
    well, that must be hard. well, thasnks anyway ^^. thanks. i'm gonna go ask the other workers too anyway. is it ok if i just post them on room:305 spriting? and i really appreciate it ^^. good luck with all the spriting!
    hey MorningStar! sorry, i didn't get a chance to your last message! ^^''
    and i'm sorry, but i don't think i can be a worker this time round since i'm already in 3 shops, and it's hard enough keeping up with those sometimes 'cause of uni, work, etc. >.< but thank you very much for asking anyway! =)

    and yeah, i can try help- although i'm not quite sure how to go about it... you could send me something you've scratched/done some scratching on maybe, and i could suggest how to make it better or something?... i'll try my best, lol! ^^

    and all the best with the new shop! =D
    Hey DFB. So, i'm gonna open the shop again so i'm just asking if you wanna be a worker again. And well, just a favor, could you teach me how to scracth sprite? I really suck even if i read many tutorials already....
    hey! wow, i haven't been on in a while! ^^'' busy busy.

    haha, and thanks for reminding people that i work in the shop too!... maybe they just didn't notice my name on the front page or something... =/

    and it does really suck if it's dead- i was looking forward to seeing who'd get through to the next round! >.< it's a shame since it was getting interesting... =(
    you could check out my trade site to see if there's anything that would interest you there (i believe it's the 1st x in my sig, since i can't be bothered listing everything, lol! ^^'). the only event pokemon i have UFT is aura mew though...
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