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Dark Mephiles

Hi I'm Dark Mephiles!

My interests include watching Anime, reading Manga and playing video games. As some of you probably already guessed from my name, I'm a huge fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. My favourite Anime series is probably Soul Eater, though I wasn't overly happy with the ending so I hope they do the series again like they did with FMA, making a second series which follows the Manga. It'd probably be my favourite Manga as well if I could actually find it!

My favourite Pokemon is definatly Darkrai, mainly because of how it looks rather than how it plays (though I certainly do enjoy that aspect when playing on the uber tier)

My current favourite team of Pokemon to use in OU online is, well if you want to find out battle me!

Overall, my favourite type is Dark, and I've monotyped with it, in at least one game, in every Generation since Gen 3

I'm intending on getting White 2 and my favourite new feature is the PWT, because of all the Gym Leader rematches, as well as the monotype tournaments, finally a place for my Dark types to shine!
New Moon Island
Favourite Pokémon
Game Design Student


Gear up for battle at Dark Arms!
My Friend Codes:
Gen V:Black: 2752 6269 6691 Name: Mephles (Male) / White 2: 1421 4762 6648 Name: Meredy (Female)
Gen VI: DS Code: 3780 9934 3912 Name: Mii / X: Name: Serana (Female) I use the image of Korrina so I should be easy to find!
Friend Safari: Normal (Teddiursa, Mincinno and Ditto)