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  • Hello Dark Memphiles, I hate to bother you as you probably have many request for your friend safari. When you have the time to add me ill greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time. 2234-7693-1875

    Hey there,
    I noticed you have Ditto in your friend safari and I would very much like to catch a few to use for breeding. It would awesome if you could add me just for a little while, thanks!

    My safari is Fire and has: Magmar, Pyroar, Fletchinder

    My friend code is: 3866-8513-0902
    I would love if you added my friend code~
    Mine is ghost type: shuppet, pumpkaboo and driflim
    Hi, how are you?

    Would you like to exchange codes?

    Mine is BugCatcher6 ~ Buzz ~ 1349 - 4674 - 3085 ~ Mankey ~ Throh ~ Tyrogue
    Hey! would you mind adding me for safari?
    My safari is a water type with: Gyrados Crabby Azumarrill

    friend code is:
    I have Ditto in my Friend Safari but I can't catch them :(

    Can you add me please? you have Ditto too

    my FC: 4055-3848-3348
    Hi, would it be possible for you to add me, if your friends list isn't already full. My FC is 0705-3383-2251. Would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks. (Psychic - Grumpig/Sigilyph/Girafarig)
    Are you still willing to add peoples friend codes to give them Normal friend safaris with ditto.
    If so I would really appreciate it
    3239 2558 8338
    Bald Accountant
    Hi :) saw you had ditto in your safari! If its no too much trouble could you add my fc? Its 4785 4597 3521. Ive only been looking for a ditto safari in wifi chat for like a week :p By the way my safari is flying with hawlucha. I hope you can help me out.
    Thanks a lot!
    Hello, saw your post on the FC for Friend Safari thread.
    FC: 2981-6608-4731 <--Japanese 3DS so the name may not display properly
    Safari Type: Flying (Farfetch'd, Tranquill, ????)

    I'm raising my style in Lumiose(SP?) City. The price for the Charizardrite Y is 300,000 so I just need another day or two for me to buy it. Hope we can swap version exclusives. XD
    I saw on the forum u have ditto in ur safari

    Please add me =]

    My friend code is 4768-7466-4950
    Name is Cabo

    I don't no what my pokemon are for safari but yeah

    It would be awesome if you could add me =]

    Thanks heaps
    Sorry, you don't have to add me if you don't have time or don't want the Pokemon I have in my safari - found a friend with a Ditto (I'm shameless, I know). Thanks though!
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