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  • yeah, that excadrill is superb. I usually don't like non-shiny flawless things but I had to trade for the EV'd excadrill since it's such an excellent sweeper. It's already been EV'd, so it's battle ready.
    I might be around tomorrow. I'm sorry, I got caught up watching/totally engrossing myself in the US Elections... it kind of decided whether or not Wolveram and I would seriously up and move from the US to Finland, Sweden, Norway, or Iceland... Sorry for my lack of responses today. Now that I can breathe properly again I'll be getting your pokemon ready later tonight and tomorrow so that we can (hopefully) trade tomorrow or whenever works for you.
    Sorry I missed you this evening (thus far, and of course during my evening/late night) but don't worry, I'd still like to trade and get more info on what we discussed. :) Not being pushy though so take your time. I am glad to work out larger trades than just a 1-1 trade. And if you have several things we're interested in, just know that you can send me a large list of wants and we'll do well in giving you many things from it if we want what you have. :)
    Welcome to the clan~
    If you haven't already visited the xat, you should come join the insanity meet some of your fellow clan members.

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