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  • You appear to have disappeared from theses forums but imma going to drop you an invite anyway,
    Dunno if you still do RP's but there is a new Escape from Silph Co rpg and it is going to be more challenging than ever! I cant promise that it will get enough sign ups to start though.
    Play any first person shooter, and start attacking a large group of enemies. What happens? That's right, they start shooting you in return. They don't just stand there thinking it's time to be a hostage. This is basic fight or flight response. They were armed and were ready to attack, that's where you made your mistake. He's doing what would have happened realistically given the situation, and you're expecting X and his buddies to be the invincible heroes yet again after exerting deadly force in a fragile standoff situation. Sorry, but no.

    Also, the UN wouldn't have allowed Galactic Plasma to come Mossdeep either. The place was initially supposed to be empty and not be in operation, I thought we agreed on that, hence why Chan gave Alex the access card anyway. If Black Alpha didn't attack, would you still have sent UN operatives to intercept Galactic Plasma when they trespassed into UN territory? You would have had to, because it wouldn't have made any sense otherwise.

    And lastly, yes, I decided to give Requiem a boost in power because I figured Black Alpha badly needed it, and I was glad he stepped up to the plate to help that side of the story out. And then you jumped in with the expectation of ruining all that, and saying "see you in February" like this was some kind of joke or something. Really, man, how do you expect me to bunny your character for almost a month and a half after doing something like this? Point is, I wouldn't. I'd retire him from the RP one way or another. And I must ask, could you really blame me?

    Really though, how do you think this should be resolved? Pretend this is a fan fiction and you get to write what happens next.
    You ninja'd me when I wrote made my post, so I edited something in there at the end...Wasn't sure if that phone you called Juan on was secure or not, but I assumed it wasn't since you said you 'grabbed' a satellite phone.

    P.S. I understand you about January; my mid-terms are just as time-consuming. (If that's whats happening).
    Theresa was "never a child" because of her mindwipe so she states that she's always had them. XD She only remembers 5 years of her life, basically, and has no memory of her family.
    Hey, Theresa is more stacked in the bust than Janine! XD Janine is supposed to be the pretty princess, Theresa is the hot bombshell. XD Janine is taller though.
    Yeah, I kind of had to close MTFG. Just got to be too much to handle.

    As for your post, it's a bit random, but that's alright. XD
    I was agreeing with the your comment of people going to fast. (Wow, I feel luck such a fool right now. . .eh, oh well).
    Oh, just meant that once a lot of action ends, another bit of action jumps in again by someone else. Though, now I am assuming your comment meant something else.
    I don't know now. Strat posted, and I think he is out in the desert with you now, so it would be counterproductive to have both of you change your post. The main thing was that Jacob flies into a side window where QS is sitting. He walks to the balcony/window/whatever and comments about Janine surrendering all the while not realizing the sniper is right next to him. Instead, I'll just have Jacob quietly follow you guys.
    I love when a completely random but funny idea just pops into my head. So, I decided to actually have Jacob fly into whatever room QS is camping out in.

    EDIT: You ninja'd me. Now, I have to rewrite a bit of my post to fit yours though now it won't be as funny.
    Well, I am working on my post right now. If I mention anything that is wrong, I'm sure you'll correct me on it.
    Oh no. I don't plan on freeing Alex and company. Only watch the proceedings. Should anything come up that would hinder any opportunity to get Jacob to at least chat with Alex and them, then he would intervene. Of course, making sure Quickscope doesn't see me is a problem though. . . Oh the next few posts are going to be more interesting than my ordeal with Jiggly's character, I'm sure.
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