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  • What Hoenn does is up to you, but if they separate from the UN, they're generally saying it's okay for Chimeras to exist, which the rest of the UN strongly disagrees with. You have to remember, that would change society as a whole quite a bit, and would make Chimeras, viewed by the UN as unnatural creatures of mad science, as permanent members of society. That would be running a high risk of civil war between humans and Chimeras. You could say, however, that Hoenn is against executing Chimeras, and instead plans on keeping them strictly confined in reservations for the rest of their natural lives and far away from the rest of society, something the UN wouldn't chew them out for if they keep it under control. And needless to say, Alex and Janine would not want to spend all 10,000 years of their life in a Hoenn reservation camp.

    Also, Alex does not trust X or his team any more, especially not after what happened in Gateon. Siding with X is betrayal against Team Galactic Plasma. As a result, even if Hoenn is sticking with the reservation plan but no executing Chimeras, Alex would rather live on a teraformed moon and have freedom rather than live in a reservation camp under constant watch.

    Therefore, don't be too surprised when he resists capture.
    FINALLY, I have the post up. Did some catching up and you may need to a bit too if you need to, but we should be ok now.

    Soz again man: gotta love Computers
    These dam viruses are what are keeping me off my computer. Solved em last night, I'll post after school today...one way or another.
    I owe you an explanation because I did in fact run into a few.....issues.

    I can promise you that tomorrow I'll post on the RP and I'll include the story in the OOC. I'm sorry, I didnt think that this would happen: Still friends?
    Uh sorry, I should have said this earlier.

    My computer went rogue on me after my firewall expired and gave me viruses that annoy me everytime I get on my browser. I'm renewing it today, so I'll post after that problem is solved. Btw, didn't you get the VM I sent you after you posted earlier on the RP?
    It makes sense. Theresa is 13 feet tall...she's an easy target. Plus, her darkness stands out against the sand.

    She already blacked out from her wounds, which is quite realistic. Her defenses are fragile compared to Alex's and Janine's and I wanted to illustrate that she's a fast but fragile attacker. The fastest of the three but has the lowest defenses due to her choice of Chimera species. She'll recover in a while though, then she'll have to intercept the message. XD
    Damn, it's hard to tell with so many people coming around. >.< Sorry...my head's spinning too. So many characters! XD
    Soz about the mistake about Juan's knowledge.

    Second, are you still in the house we were in? If we are, can I cut to the chase and just tell you what Juan's 'Highly Acclaimed Plan that may or may not work' is and ask what he needs from X, or try to get ahold of him again?
    Posted Theresa confronting X and his gang, about to shoot them. You can prevent her and try to explain. XD
    Im going to have to take a break the Chimera RP. its going to fast and I wont be able to post this week. Go ahead without me, i'll catch up later.
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