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    Hi there! I’m here to tell you about PokeCentral Forums. We’re a brand new, kind of small forum and we’re all about Pokemon all the time! We’re just starting so there are Staff Positions available and all manner of things that still need someone to create them. If you’ve ever wanted to make a big impact on a forum, PokeCentral is the place to do it! We have an informational homepage and are looking for good writers to come up with lots of articles for us to feature, and plenty of boards and categories for posting anything from Art and Writing to ROM Hacks and Fan games to Pokemon Discussions in general! You can check out our forum here: http://poke-central.boards.net/forum

    Thanks for your time!
    ~PCF Founder, Obliveon
    "Doomsday" is the thirteenth and final episode in the second series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It was first broadcast on 8 July 2006 and is the conclusion of a two-part story; the first part, "Army of Ghosts", was broadcast on 1 July 2006

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