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  • I agree, the Portugese accent is pretty badly attempted =P
    Thought that Barack Obama subtitling does make it clearer. I s'pose it's just because it's five syllables, which is a difficult rhyth to follow! I've seen it in music before, flipping nightmare to play...
    I think they closed it down, because people were requesting too many name changes.

    They ruined it for everyone else.
    That is funny...I don't think I could ever pronounce it all right though! =P
    Radio One has had quite a few catchy songs about people like that before, I remember there was one about Jose Mourinho, can't fully remember it though!
    I've just had a reply and he said as far as he knows it's closed, but one of the admins might know more.
    Yeah, but that's the same as if you got it changed IRL. It isn't all that big of a deal if they call you by your old name, or at least I wouldn't care all that much.
    Sounds cool. I though of changing my name a while ago, but I like my current one, so I decided not to.
    I don't know, and I can't listen to it right now since I'm at school, and YouTube is a blocked site.
    More like one Obama's men.

    The similarity is so funny between those names. I was typing a political paper on Word the other day, and it wanted to correct Obama with Osama.

    Seems Microsoft's with the terrorists.
    I looked, but I couldn't find anything. In that case, they probably delete the threads between months. You could ask Jess (aka Shinging Mew) about it, but I wouldn't know all that much about it other than it's open every other month.
    I don't know, but I know that it opens every other month, so it'll likely open in December or later this month. I'm leaning towards the latter, though.
    They can't infract you for asking a question, they'd be a bit off if they did.

    Try Erik Destler, he might know.
    Dattebayo? Poor choice. Arceus is unpleased and now wants to Falcon Punch me with its thousand arms. Thanks a lot, dude.

    O well, might as well Suicide bomb it....
    Butterfly's fun, but I'm not strong enough to do it for more than 25 meters...

    Eh... backstroke's okay. I've improved my technique on it so I don't hate it as much as before.
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