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  • Here ya go. That'll be $4.95*.

    *With Shipping and handling payment of 5.95, exclusive club discount, and sacrifice of firstborn child
    Love from Darato or love from David.

    How ever you want to look at it as.

    How long ago did that happen? I haven't been on Games for about a week or two now so I may have missed the epic fail...

    Well I'm heading off to school, nice to talk to you. ^_^
    Ah yeah, so the only two which have a hint of seriousness really. At least some of the good games are still there, like "Throw Something at np" and "What would you say if you wok up next to the above poster".
    I think you just have to guess, but most people will send you a message if your request is rejected.

    I don't think there are many people who would reject a friend request, i think it's just the people who are clicky, and like to stay within a certain group.

    Hopefully you'll meet some of the nicer members.
    I'd arranged a battle with someone in a vastly different time zone, so I got up super early. My mother wasn't impressed when she found out though, so she removed my DS as punishment. I'd be awful in the secret serevice... =P
    How are you anyway?
    I know how you feel, i was bullied a bit, but if you stand up to them they back off, they're only able to bully people if they know they can get to you.

    You should get to know more people on here, all the ones on my list are really nice.

    But you can always talk to me, if you don't feel comfortble enough sending out more friend requests, if you decide you want to get to know more people, i'll see if some of them will send you a request.
    I understand what you mean, i think i find it easier, because i have younger cousins and nephews, so i have to keep up with things, so when they're telling me about things, i understand what they mean.
    Most of the members on my list are younger than me, but i still manage to have a good conversation with them.

    I've had a few that were a bit worried about speaking to me, incase i had a go at them, but i'd never do that to someone, it's just not in my nature.
    I've had a few from new members who are trying to get to know people, i think once you know someone, more people will get to know you.

    I think some of the younger members find it hard.
    It's the best way to get to know people.

    I've had a few rejected, but i still speak to a lot of people on here.
    About 1/2 i think, i think it's because the majority of people have seen me around in the different threads, and i've joined quite a few of the clubs as well.
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