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  • Not much, i'm just checking in, and making sure everything's ok, i've just started my first club up, and i'm making sure it's alright.

    How're you?
    Hi there!
    I'm good thanks, wish I had my Nintendo DS, I managed to have it confiscated; so I'll just hang around misc. and games until I get it back =P
    March 13th. which is pretty good since I don't have to spend money in between after Christmas and then (unless in the unlikely event I get a valentine), so I can use both to get stuff :)

    Yeah, I hate having to put a backslash just to do a command. It all just seems so complicated.

    That is kinda annoying, but that's to keep the younger members safe. What I don't like is being infractioned for cursing in a forum where pretty much everyone curses.
    I still have time to decide. I might not be able to get either until after Christmas.

    This whole place is acting wonky. I can't log on to my IRC Chat nick because some asshat stole it or something and I don't know how to get it back. I'm kinda ****** off right now.
    Hmmm... I might have to invest in that...

    I guess it does, but it seems pretty cool, especially since every MMORPG I've played were the ones that were for free and you downloaded.

    Also is it just me, or did my post count go down by 20?
    lol I don't know.

    I don't have it. I'd assume I could get it anywhere games are sold, but I'm still unsure whether I should get an iPod or World of Warcraft.
    I think it's an RPG thread, which seems hard to do IMO.

    I use the Wii's Internet if the computer's in use, but I don't use it all that much because of the tedious typing.
    lol maybe.

    I don't get that either, particularly fizzy bubbles. I don't think I've met anyone here who plays it and is proud of it. Then again, those sorts of things don't interest me all that much.

    God I hate typing on the Wii...
    Yeah, according to one of my friends whose first language is German. It apparently doesn't have a German translation.
    Me neither. I like chocolate cake and if it had stuff in it, but not stuff like Hershey's (sp?) or white chocolate.

    I'm refering to words that don't have a translation in other languages, like whore in German.
    They're caramel covered in chocolate. They're good eatings lol.

    I might've noticed that when I was watching Ninja Warrior. The other thing is that some languages have words that don't directly translate in English. I don't think Spanish has any as far as I know.
    Yeah, but I don't think I will, since my Mom got a whole bunch of Milk Duds.

    It can be really confusing at times, not because of the language itself but the speed it's spoken in by the native speakers.
    I mean I can get whatever candy I want and none of the candy I don't like.

    Same here, sort of. I don't dislike any of my current classes, but I still have a B in all of them except for Conditioning (which you'd likely only get a lower grade if you didn't dress out) and Spanish.
    Or I could just buy a crapload of candy with the money they'd fine me for ($25). I can get any candy I want and it'd be something I like to boot.

    I just got back my essay on Jim Crow Laws back, and I got an A on it! Awesome =D
    Do you live in New York City?
    I'm trying to figure out your location, you must live in a big city.
    location: land of chavs and crap police
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