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  • Yes, but not so many people did that last year, or at least as far as I can remember.

    This essay is for English. I have an Essay for US History too, but that isn't due until December, I believe.
    That kinda sounds like what my younger brother does, since he'll say that something is bad or what not and I'll ask him why and he doesn't give me a straight answer. That's not the half of what I have to deal with, though.

    I'm a pretty tall person (6"0), so the squatting part likely won't fool anyone. The high voices... idk.

    I'd should prolly get to working on typing my rough draft of my essay, since it'll likely be due Monday, but we have to go to some bonfire thing for my mom's work, so I prolly won't be able to start until Sunday.
    I see. I heard about this one time this teacher made a girl in my physics class cry. I think he yelled at her or threatened to flunk her or something.

    I think that bastard who did that to her should be fired, since that's technically assault. Even if it isn't, that's messed up and should be punished one was of another.

    My friends were thinking about going trick or treating regardless. If the po-po asked, we could just say that we're 6th graders who hit puberty when we were 8 and who suffer from gigantism.
    Dang, your teachers sound mean. If a teacher at my school did that on purpose, they'd likely get fired. Why did you think he/she was doing that to her?

    I don't really know why that law was passed, but I think it's really unnecessary, since me and my friends didn't do that sort of stuff last year. We just trick-or-treated and got a buttload of candy. One of the houses even let us come back to get more. The only house that didn't was some dick whose house is behind mine because he thought we were too old to get candy. That didn't matter since I got more candy than my little brother, and he went to a rich neighborhood.
    I could, but they'd prolly suggest getting a new USB from Radio Shack, or at least that's what I'd assume.

    Also, my area just passed a new law forbidding kids over 12 from trick-or-treating. This sucks, since me and my friends were likely gonna trick-or-treat, and it was fun last year when we did it.
    I did all my math homework. Most of the homework I get is easy enough to do at school. I think I have homework today in English to write stuff for an essay on how my schools new cafeteria should be improved or something like that (My school is getting a new cafeteria/library sometime soon).

    I know how to get them off of the camera, but I don't have a USB cable to connect to the camera and the memory card is too big to upload it from my printer.
    Cool. I just found out about an essay thing in English where we have to type 3 essays, but we have to type them so that our teacher accepts them or we have to edit them, which doesn't sound all that hard, since we're only starting on one of them this week, I think.

    I know how to upload pics, but what I mean is that I don't have a way to get them off of the camera onto the computer.
    Yeah, but I don't really get any of those, at least not yet this year.

    My beard hair grows kinda quick, so that's why I have to shave it every week. I'd have to say that I look good with a goatee. I'd post a picture on the Picture Thread, but I don't have a way to upload pictures.
    Yeah, I'm not bad at essays, I just tend to lack motivation to do them until the last minute.

    I don't really like shaving, that's why I'm growing a goatee and shaving the rest off every week or so.
    That sucks. I also just found out that I'm gonna have another essay report thing today, which pretty much foreshadowed my pretty much crappy day.

    And the chips were sea salt and cracked pepper :(.

    What were you trying to get off with the paper?
    Yeah, I turned it in today. I think it's all done, but I don't know. I hope I at least get a B or a C on it though, as my grade would go down the crapper if I didn't.

    Also, the bag of chips was one of those big bags. It really sucks if my brother ate em all, because I only got to eat some of them and those chips are friggin tasty.
    I have to finish my 500 point essay about Jim Crow Laws. Being the always prepared person I am, I procrastinated until last Thursday and now I have to proof-read everything myself since it's too late to ask my US History teacher to look over what I have already.

    Also, a bag of one of my favorite brands of chips appears to have gone missing while I was at my dad's last weekend.
    ~Yeah, but then Luis makes up alt accounts to try and make it seem like more people are joining, and then more people do join.

    Plus, DD's a captain there o_O
    It's the D/P battles forum, the clans have a sub forum.
    But I know clan wars will lead to things like " (insert clan name here) is better than (insert opposing clan name here)"

    And then flame wars will occur, then the next thing you know, multiple infractions will be shelled out, and a few members banned.
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