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  • Dude, I just gota say you have the best picture in your signature lol, I laughed at it for so long. It's awesome, did you make it yourself?
    Yes, I saw. ^^ I'll be sure to contact you as soon as possible. Really? I've like Questshipping for a quite a while now, though these days, I'm feeling kinda torn between it and whatever you would call Jimmy/Gold x Kotone.

    Bios, you say! I am there! I just love rambling to people about how I think otherwise flat characters should act! xD
    Okay, okay, sounds good...wait, you've got MSN? Perfect! I'll add you as soon as I can...we might have to wait a day or so to actually talk, though. I'm exhausted after spending three days going back and forth to and from the New York Anime Festival.
    Ja? I'm all ears man. Might take some time to get to it though, between theatre, music, and a certain girl I know. I might be able to make some time though.
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