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  • Wow,this is a tall building,i'm not sure should search
    this huge building...but it sounds like fun though...(So i Decided to search the entire thing.I started
    with floor 1)Hello,is anybody here?Hmm,doesn't seem like it.Ok,lets see what i can find here also...

    this finishes the part above,im not finished with the story yet
    Paper PlatesBy Some-One-Lost
    The paper plates are coming!Everybody hide and run for your lives!They will give you
    paper cuts and stuff... What?Your not afraid of paper plates?What about paper cups or paper
    towels?DUDE!They are scary!They can hurt you,cut you,make you EMO!Wait,your already emo?
    When did that happen?Wait,i've been asleep?For how long?60,000 Years!It felt like 1 hour though...
    You sure?Wait,who am i talking to?Oh,i'm in front of the mirror...But still,6K years i've been
    sleeping!I cant seem to remember much though...I need to see what's happened over the
    last 6K years.(So i went outside.When I went out there,it was cold out and I realized that I
    was wearing a jacket,so i was ok,but hungry)
    Wow,i'm really hungry ,I wonder if there's a food court or something that i could find.
    (I walked around and realized that there was nobody with me,nobody i sight)Dude!where is
    everybody?But,where am I?I need to get some info!(After eating,I left,looking for anybody
    or info.)What day is it?I need to find a news paper or something!(I had started to realize that
    there was paper every where!)One of these papers has to be a news paper!No.No.Nope.Uh-Uh.
    This is going to take awhile......Yes,finaly found one!Ok,lets see now...Ok,i'm in Kolodong City
    ,funny,and the date...Wow,Year 200,000 A.D.!I was asleep that long?I'm confused now...(After
    being suprised at the date,I walked around again,Trying to find help.I found a huge building,
    the door's were open,so I walked in.)
    Hello?Is anybody here?Anybody?Crap,nobody(I looked around and saw a desk.i went
    over to it and found some drore's,I looked through them and found a Gun,some Ammo,a Key-Card,
    A portable Tool Box,a Journal,A Digital Map,and a Nicely-Folded Back-Pack)Wow,found some use
    ful stuff!(After i put the stuff in the Back-Pack,I began to search to building.I found an elevator,
    but it was out of order,so I toke the stairs.)
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