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  • Thanks for accepting my friend request. So I hear you're paired up with one of my best friends, Yoshinichi. Swell guy ain't he? By the way the name's Martin, :D
    I've been kinda busy, but nothing that disturbs much, so I'm fine!

    And how about you? I noticed you didn't visit forum for a while.

    Well, see ya!
    I just assumed you were like me, and never sends out friend requests. I have absolutely no reasoning behind that though.
    You're the third least likely person I'd expect to get a friend request from.
    Nah, it's mainly just sarcasm. A few people are ticked cuz im strict. Don't really care though. =/
    Spoooon~ <3 I love you too, hun. When are you popping up in chat again? ;o;
    Sorry for not being on often, but we just moved in a new house and we need to get the computer and internet set-up. Luckily, I can still use the school computers. I don't think much has happened since then, but this is my second week of school.

    I recently got Final Fantasy IV DS recently, and it's my first Final Fantasy. Have you played any of them?
    Nah, the writing's been pretty slow lately and said TV show finished back in early July (not that that stopped me bugging out about it particularly). But I've also been busy bugging out about Death Note recently. =D
    Hey Sp00n. I've been trying to finish this book by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Children of Húrin. You know, making use of something in my spare time that doesn't use batteries heehee. So yeah, what's new with you?
    Oh I know the feeling lol. Actually I haven't exactly been prolific myself... PC trubbls lol.
    Ohhh I hope the storms leave you unharmed o[ Well that will give you some time to chat lol :p
    I play rhythm guitar at the moment, but I'd really like to be lead, considering I really have a knack for writing down chords for that position. I'm sure when they feel I'm ready, I'll move up. Up from now, I've been self taught anyway.

    And I really want to be a wind instrument in my school band. Flute would be awesome. Well, assuming a spot is open, that is. I kind of enrolled on a late day, so I'd be lucky.
    the proper phrasing would be
    fighting evil by moonlight
    winning love by daylight
    never running from a true fight

    etc etc

    but i am good. y tu?
    SpOOny!!!! Man I haven't talked to you in ages! Wassup with the IRC break? D:
    I've been good... how've you been holding up?
    Ugh, I hate summer. While I like being able to stay up late and wake up late, I'm more of a winter person by far. Boiling hot temperatures aren't my thing.

    A lot. School will be starting with me on Tuesday, which is possibly one of the worst times due to the hurricanes that are supposed to hit the east coast. Aside from that, I'm involved with a band and we play at a place called "The underground" (you know that's awesome) almost every Wednesday, so I'm happy I'm actually having some progress with my music career. Or, soon-to-be career. Heh.

    Good luck with the art, by the way.
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