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  • Good luck with the art thing. I know I can't draw anything besides a taco for my life.

    Ah, the beach. It's been way too long since I was there. As a typical southern gal, I really want to go back. The sand...The surf...The special guy working at the food stand I liked to flick pencils at...*sigh*
    gg. My spirit would end up haunting you and making your life as bad as a sitcom. I'd play laugh tracks and theme songs with your every move.

    Well, this summer I'm going to Pennsylvania to visit my many cousins/aunts/uncles I haven't seen for years, and you know I'm not going to shut up until I get to go to Hershey Park. : D Any plans for you?
    I said your AVATAR, not you; you smell too much, and furthermore I always thought you were as ug...

    Oh, uh, j/k huh? Wow. Um...I love you? Just please don't dig my brain out with spoons. D:
    Don't talk to me with that tone or I'll punch Nny.

    Yeah. I went there.
    For someone with an Alakazam for an avatar, I have to lol at being called the wise one. Not to mention you rule over my utensil of choice when eating cereal.

    ...Get on it naive.
    I'll probably use it here for a bit when I get tired of my Mooninites gif

    Chances are I'll use it on AnimeSuki though.
    Remember, cross me and I'll dump a bucket of roaches and spiders on your bed, you spoony bard.
    I'm doing alright. Had a couple of vacations this last week, so that was fun. My eye still hasn't gotten any better, but it's alright I'm used to it. .D
    Sp00n Like Totally forgot to get back to you. But I am lazy, I thought you ditched the forums Bu I just go O-o at your rank and post count. Anyway, Sp00n > spork > fork > knife
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