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  • It's pure white right now with black on the sides. I think I'm gonna make it blonde again for the summer, though.
    I'm having a school ceremony tomorrow and uh... modding before I go to sleep. lulz. [noparse]:([/noparse]
    Hey, DSB. I just read that you like making fake Pokemon! Have you ever shown any of them here? I'd be too greedy- afraid somebody would adopt my ideas. That, and I don't have a scanner...
    Oh, that's a real shame. I'd be terribly distraught if I didn't have at least one person to share Pokemon with. I guess that's that's why you're here then?

    How come you don't have the means to battle? Would you like to if you could, just to experience it? Battling a stranger is such a spectacularly different feeling than battling a friend/cousin, let me tell you. It's completely exciting!
    I'm in the same boat. I doubt any teams I've come up with in the past would be able tohold their own in the truly competitive environment. The best I've ever had was a Kyogre/Manaphy set-up against my opponent's Kyogre/Darkrai. The only practice I really get is when I visit New York City and go to Nintendo World.

    Do you battle family members or school friends, or anything?
    I sure am. I just barely ever get to do it...

    Actually, I created a competitive strategy thread in the DP Discussion with Volteon's help. I love Pokemon battling!

    How about you?
    I don't believe I've yet made a comment on your profile, Dark SpOOn Bender.

    Whoops! Here it is, right here.
    Hai Sp00n. Dunno if you remember me. Kintana/Drews_Girl from IRC ;D. Off good old #teamgogo. :D.
    Well I'll stick with the crappy one I have now, but I'll see if I find a picture I like I'll let you have fun with it. I'm going to bed now, and you should be sleeping too. :mad:

    Yeah I do I just haven't been there in a while. I'll be around more often.
    That is amazing, where was it? SPP? If so I will see you there the next time you're around.
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