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    I've been fine. Just writing an essay right now since I'm obnoxious. Where have you been; took a break from the internets (or at least the forum)?
    Yeah I took a break from sppf, but I'm still on IRC/msn/etc

    Also, yeah I hope that little bit doesn't get me b&

    Still love Grovyle to bits, of course. My mind has been donating rather a lot of its thinking time to obsessing over my favourite TV programme, though (which is on tonight 8D). And that's sorta been slowing (read as: halting) my progress on the fic.

    But I'm good. =D

    I keep seeing you on MSN sometimes but I'm always too scared to talk to you in case you're busy or something. So if you see me on and have some spare time, say hi. I'm bad at starting conversations myself D:
    Hum, cool! Thanks for the friend request! Was actually thinking to add you after that moveset thread, but then I thought it would be too... I don't know, you seem to be so smart that wouldn't care about me xP
    Anyways, hi =D
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