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    It's a God damn feel-good convention itt!

    I fail to see the resemblance. Then again, I don't have my contacts in.
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    It's a God damn feel-good convention itt!

    New pics taken as a result of boredom. Semi-smile You lookin' at me? As for the rest of you guys and girls who posted pics - you're all gaawgeous. Have a Happy New Year.
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    We have no idea if there really are aliens, and if there are, we have no idea what they would be like compared to us. Therefore, the reason people give aliens this intellectually superior and usually invasive/aggressive persona is out of fear of the unknown.
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    The Things Some People Believe...

    Because I'm from New Jersey, I live next to a smokestack, a landfill, and a toxic waste dump, and my neighborhood is riddled with crime. Also, Jersey = "Joisey" and you = "youz."
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    A Sad Loss To Us All. R.I.P. Maddie Blaustein 1960-2008

    She was only half-cat, and I suppose you have to be 100% feline to reap the 9 lives benefit. Maddie used her talent and passion to bring a great deal of humor, vibrancy, and personality to her characters. I'm sure she was greatly loved and supported by her friends and family, and as a drop...
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    Ignorance is Bliss

    Maybe not physical violence, but I'd sure give somebody who said anything like that a big, fat piece of my mind. Although, if they do happen to lose a few teeth in the process, I wouldn't exactly care all that much ;P
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    Ignorance is Bliss

    "It's my opinion" is not an excuse for somebody to say such insulting, idiotic, ignorant, hurtful things.
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    Good to hear. I've always wondered if they had turkey in purgatory, but I guess you cleared...

    Good to hear. I've always wondered if they had turkey in purgatory, but I guess you cleared that up for me :P
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    Yes, I've seen you around quite a bit as well. It just slipped my mind to befriend you until...

    Yes, I've seen you around quite a bit as well. It just slipped my mind to befriend you until, well, now ;) Everything is going fine with me. I had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday and am now just enjoying the rest of my little vacation. So how are you doing?
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    Ignorance is Bliss

    Don't be so silly. Even I know that brown is a neutral color ;D
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    Over 85 Killed And More Than 180 Wounded In Mumbai

    Ah humans, the most screwed up species on earth. It's pretty amazing how there are people out there who believe that they exist solely to murder other people. Just plain incomprehensible. No matter how many times this happens, it's impossible to get used to it. I extend my respects to...
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    Does that make YOU crazy?

    I have this thing where I always think there is something on my shirt - hair, lint, crumbs, etc., so I will constantly stand up and brush my shirt off many, many times throughout the day even if there really isn't anything there. I cannot go to sleep unless my bed is made. If it's 2 in the...
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    The Confederate Flag

    You can choose whether or not you believe the Confederate flag represents, say, racism, but it does have one permanent meaning, a meaning that exists because of WHY it was created in the first place. The Confederate flag represents a separated south, the southern states when they broke away...
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    The Differences Between Men & Women.

    Yes, but of course it isn't exactly justified. It's not like a shorter man isn't capable of protecting a taller woman in certain situations, and just because you are taller than your partner doesn't necessarily make you some type of Superman. My point though is that I think girls think of...
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    The Differences Between Men & Women.

    That's stupid. I've heard plenty of girls who loved that book say that they didn't like the movie. If the movie is crappy, then it's crappy. I don't think they'd just kid themselves into liking it. Anyway, something that I've noticed with height. I think girls care about the height of their...