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  • Oh, well that's a fair explanation. I'm glad you find me so capable, then; thank you. ^_^;

    "Eeeee?" XD I hope you enjoy your time on sppf as well~ =)
    Not to question good things, but I was wondering how you managed to call me one of your favorite members when we haven't had the chance to speak yet? Especially curious considering your user title, come to think of it.

    For the sake of earning such flattery, *bows* pleased to make your acquaintance, Ayrille. ^_^
    Sounds cool. We dont have 'high school' here; its just called secondary school. I've beaten WW several times, im just going through it getting all the pictograph figures as I go along. Its tedious to say the least. If this is your first play-through then you're gonna love the ending (I wont ruin it for you) ;] Your computer sounds like a *****. I would give it a good beating if I were you; let it know whos boss =]
    Well atm im supposed to be in college but the snow here is so thick that its just not worth it. I might spend the day indoors trying to get every figure on Wind Waker. You should get msn or use eBuddy or something. Forum chat is lame and confusing.
    I wish i had the money to go on holiday to Amsterdam. I would love to be able to freely smoke in the street and not worry about getting caught (I get very cautious when i smoke outdoors). Anyway, do you have an msn? I'll be on there for a bit before i go to bed (its late here), mine's under contact info.
    Well, I looked into the history of it's criminalisation and discovered it has nothing to do with the effects it has on people. In fact William Hearst, the owner of the timber industry in the day, wanted hemp gone as it was threatening his company. Along with Harry J Anslinger and other people who wanted this plant that was 'associated with Mexicans' to be criminalised set up a massive campaign against cannabis. It was filled with racist and untrue propaganda created with the sole intent of giving cannabis a bad name. That is where the ideas that it makes people 'violent and aggressive' stem from. Personally I can't believe such ideas are still about today. It just shows you the ignorance that some people still possess.
    What are the laws like where you live? Here in UK it is a class B drug with a maximum sentance of 5 years or up to 14 years for supply.
    Well what ****** me off about that thread is the amount of misinformed peoples saying things like 'ahh grass makes you violent/antisocial/a mongaloid/etc'. Seriously though, unless you're loaded i wouldn't get too into it. **** be mucho expensivo. Also, what you meanin' by upstanding members of the city's community? Like government guys?
    Well im of the opinion that it should be legalised. I don't want people looking down on me for having a great life that I enjoy. I assume you're a smoker as well?
    Isn't decriminalisation the same, or at least ridiculously similar to, legalisation?
    Guy from weed thread here x
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