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Last Activity:
Aug 7, 2009
Jul 11, 2008
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dark_boy was last seen:
Aug 7, 2009
    1. sam40400
      i am fine, just moved a few days ago
    2. dark_boy
      yes fine, too busy for exam, how are u?
    3. sam40400
      Salamalaikum dark_boy, how are you today?
    4. dark_boy
      oh, I am Sakib, age 18, U?
    5. PkMn Trainer ORANGE
      PkMn Trainer ORANGE
      na, ami new york e thaki
    6. dark_boy
      yes i am . tumi ki bangladesh e thako?? ami dhaka te thaki.
    7. PkMn Trainer ORANGE
      PkMn Trainer ORANGE
      assalaimalikum, apna bangladeshi?
    8. sam40400
      I wonder how it is in Bangladesh, post reply on my page
    9. dark_boy
      oh , thats good. some of my relatives live in queens.
      i will go there after 3 or 4 years or earlier.
    10. sam40400
      I live in Brooklyn NY now
    11. dark_boy
      Hi sam, are u really from Bangladesh, where do u live now?
    12. sam40400
      Hi dark_boy, I am also Bengali, I sure miss that place...
    13. Tauros95
      oops!! repeated it twice!!
    14. Tauros95
      Oh! And I'm from Bangalore!!
    15. Tauros95
      Don't mention it dark boy!!
      Well to be honest I never knew you were 18 cos' I'm 13 and I thought you were about 10 or 11!!
      I'm from Bangalore!!
      And since you were the first person to join my group your one of my best friends(though I've never seen you!!)
      Anyways, later
    16. dark_boy
      I am from Dhaka city and I am 18. Nice to have a friend like u.
    17. Tauros95
      You seriously are from Bangladesh? Well I guess we are neighbours! I live in India! Well the first game of pokemon game that I had was yellow and blue and I didn't even have a clue what pokemon was that time!
      I guess that was about 8 years ago!!
      I stopped playing pokemon card game cos' it was sort of getting boring.
      Now I have Yellow , Blue , FireRed , Emerald , Diamond and Pearl which I play occasionally.
      So which city do you live in?and how old are you?
      Oh yeah! I see you have made friends with Infernape.palkia who is my online friend and actual friend too!
      Anyways, later!!
    18. dark_boy
      I am from Asia,Bangladesh. First, I didnt like pokemon. But when I start to play pokemon " leaf green" version, I become a great fan of pokemon. Then I learned the card game of pokemon from my friends.so what about u?
    19. Tauros95
      So Dark Boy! tell me more about yourself!
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    I am dark_boy. The things I like and things I hate: I don't wanna tell you. hobbies? I have lots of hobbies. my dreams for the future: I don't have any.