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  • Hi from Spain, I like your Youtube's Account.
    I dont know much about ID for catching shinys.
    Which are the good ones ID in Pokemon fire red and leaf green?
    I have two ID now: they are 36665 and 33654, are they good?
    thanks excuse me for my horrible English,I am Spanish
    Thank you very much
    Congratulations on your shiny Sudowoodo D_S.

    And I liked your post about negative luck too, lol.
    I hope it'll bring your luck back so the HG/SS tour will be more challenging.
    Start a new file. For one, it's kinda awkward to hunt on a save which belongs to someone you've never met, and having the OT as yourself is so much cooler. Plus, getting a starter is really motivating. :)
    I'm glad that the information was useful. Fufu told me you might like that. :)

    I'd love to hunt with you on Iron Island if you choose to hunt there. I really want a shiny Steelix/Mawile.
    How well does your computer run? I've downloaded Breath of Fire IV for emulator (I own III and V on discs though), because I doubt it'll be any time soon before I get to buy the actual game. x: With the right settings, the game works really well on Vista or 7.

    What games do you like? O:
    I see what you mean about the shiny Ditto that you're talking about in the club. And I agree; it should be banned.

    The only reason I haven't posted this in the club is because that's all I really wanted to say, and I didn't think it was enough to warrant a post. ^_^

    Hurry up and get a new shiny, my friend!
    Yeah, thanks for the luck. Onix better be in march. I haven't gotten anything since February when I gamecornered that abra... Very frustrating!
    The way to hunt for onix with max repel is to save and repel and search, and then wen u finish start over right? That's the way I've been doing it but I'm at 8888 and I'm tring to make sure there's no possibility of me doing it wrong...
    Good luck to the both of us
    Switching IDs doesn't change your chances whatsoever of getting a shiny, but some people find it acts like a refresh button for your game. It's more mind-over-matter, really. I only switched IDs once on that hunt, and it was mainly because I wanted a cute ID.
    I'm on Chapter 10 right now. *shot* But thats because I don't have any other games to play right now. ^^;

    And yeah. Like I said, Lost Odyssey heavily reminded me of a Final Fantasy game. I'm probably going to go through it a second time(the first wasn't enough). Or, you can look for it on Amazon?
    What number are you on for onix. You probably forgot I'm hunting him as well. I'm at 6528 at the moment. Good luck on urs because ik how boring this is...
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