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Last Activity:
Jul 17, 2009
Feb 5, 2009
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Why ya Nut!

Dark_Wyanut was last seen:
Jul 17, 2009
    1. Blue Ace
      Blue Ace
      I don't really know anti that much, but D_A seemed like a very nice person to me?

      And as for the shoddy nicks, I don't know them, I never bothered to ask around for them and because it's been weeks now that I haven't battled.
    2. Blue Ace
      Blue Ace
      Trie, it's hard to resist the urge to troll them, but that's how I built up my reputation in the beginning.....So I guess it works?
    3. Blue Ace
      Blue Ace
      Well, worst come to worst, passing yourself off as a nice guy could work I guess.

      And yea I am
    4. Blue Ace
      Blue Ace
      You mean a list of the decent/good people on these forums?

      And it's just a matter of dedication I suppose, people only listen to me now, because I posted constantly in the past, until everyone regards me as a good user.
    5. Blue Ace
      Blue Ace
      Hey Dark_Wynaut

      I'm just lurking around, Pokemon really has gotten very boring to me now, so I may end up leaving it altogether soon....
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