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    Hiiiii C: it has been forever!! I'm good!

    Hiiiii C: it has been forever!! I'm good!
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    heyyyyy! how are ya?

    heyyyyy! how are ya?
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    Your Newest Card

    ^ you weighed the packs? I pulled a porygon-z level X, when I saw the shiny edge I thought it was glaceon or garchomp...but no XD
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    ~ Official Pokémon Platinum Discussion Thread ~ (READ 1ST POST OR BE SACRIFICED)

    sorry if this has been asked but... do you think Giratina's origin form will be in PBR? the same with shaymin's sky form, I'm just wondering *hmmm*
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    Can someone give a price on my some of my cards? ~Mew ex (holon phantoms) mint cond. ~Blastoise ex mint cond. ~holo gold print Mew (legend maker) i mean the letters are in gold ~Jolteon*, Flareon*, vaporeon* all mint thanks in advanced!
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    Your Newest Card

    at KB toys i bought a set that came with 3 packs and i got Mew ex (holon phantoms), holo aggron (from legend maker), unseen forces holo Lugia, and holo lunetone ^_^
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    LvX Pokemon Tins

    where do you get the tins? I heard they're at Target but I went to 3 different targets in my area and still didn't find any.
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    Your Newest Card

    sorry if this sounds stupid but when you mean 'box' do you mean the factory sealed sets that come with 36 packs?
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    /me walks in, que shocked faces

    lol NO way! welcome and be sure to follow the rules ^__^
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    Catching shiny pokemon with the pokeradar

    well i got 7 shiny buizel and 9 shiney ponyta! yay :D yes thank you Shuko, your guide was a bug help ^_^
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    Worst pokémon in D/P?

    BIDOOF! without a doubt, its ugly, it breaks chains, and it sounds stupid too ^_^
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    Catching shiny pokemon with the pokeradar

    the higher the chain, the higher the chance of a shiny, but you can also get lucky and get a shiny on a low chain, like my lickitung on chain 2
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    Exclusive Pokémon Giveaway in NYC? Nope. CONFIRMED FAKE

    hello! its a fake event! call the store and they will tell you!
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    Catching shiny pokemon with the pokeradar

    I chained 40 shinx and was able to get 4 shinies out of it 0_0 i surprised myself! lol..good luck to everyone else hunting ^_^
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    Catching shiny pokemon with the pokeradar

    Okay i can help you with the 'breaking when walking' part that's because you went out of the poke'radar's range so i suggest to stick close to where you last used the poke radar. I'm not too sure about the PP running out so maybe when your pokemon gets really low on PP switch it before you walk...