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  • So idk how to gauge it but my interests are

    Shiny qwik feet jolly Ursaring

    5 iv pawniard with sucker punch

    Or a Bp item.
    Friend Code 3411-1691-1122. I need 2 Pokemon from your safari, but dont have yours. I am a ghost type with Spiritomb and Shuppet and Pumpkaboo
    have a few 4 iv pokes for trade,

    adamant speed boost torchic with baton pass
    jolly marvel scale dratini with aqua jet
    brave no guard honedge,
    adamant male ralts
    dry skin adamant croagunk

    shellos can breed most natures default is sassy
    swinub (icicle crash, rocks) adamant

    current projects
    ferroseed (rocks, spikes)
    larvitar ( DD, rocks, outrage)
    charmander ( dd, outrage)
    chansey bold s. toss

    im looking for
    other 4-5 iv pokes i dont have.
    version exclusive mega stones
    1 choice band
    1 leftovers
    ( i dont need starters, unless 6iv)

    Send Trade requests via PM, and put the pokemon(s) you want in the subject, and what you can offer in the body / message. please put all relevant iv / nature requests in the body also, and the iv and nature of what you want to trade! and lastly put your fc and IGN in the message. i will respond to all PM even if i don't want to trade, and i do get a few request so between that and school the usual time it takes to replay is 1 day or less.


    Subject : 5iv Speedboost adamant torchic

    hi i would like a 31/31/31/x/31/31 torchic
    i have a 31/x/31/31/31/31 timid protean froakie
    my fc is 1111-1111-1111 ign is trainer
    I will message you when I have gible ready then we will set up a time but I should have it by this sunday just so you know
    Any offers? Celebi would be very nice, preferably event, if you don't have one to spare you can always offer, looking for mostly legends . .
    ok my list of shinies is really long wanna tell me if there is a particular one your looking for and don't have either deoxys :(
    oh wow let me look and make you a list and I will give it to you tomorrow ok gotta see what all I do have lol and is there a particular deoxys you want?
    well I can technically get you almost any pokemon even if I have to trade them to you from my diamond version just depends on what you would want in return really if you wanna list some your looking for I can tell you what I have
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