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  • I'm afraid that I do not recall talking to you before. But it's cute that you think there's some sort of non-existent grudge going on.
    Eh, I wasn't an active enough owner to keep things under control; this is a simple fact. I'm not bitter that I'm not owner any more or anything, but I should have notified you of the whole owner/co-owner shift. Sorry about that.

    How was your vacation?
    Unfortunately, there is no updated members list.

    To be honest, if I am not sure if someone is a member, I just check to see if that person has posted in the club before. So many people post for like a month, then leave and never return because they are not dedicated to shiny hunting, so I don't bother keeping a list.
    Whoa DD, it's been a loooong time! oO

    How have you been?
    It's great to see you posting again ^_^
    Not sure if you still remember me, as I only started posting back in September last year while being inactive for nearly 2 years =p

    So yeah, hope you're doing well =3

    PS. I'm a member of the Shiny Club~
    Just to let you know; MM admitting that he hacked has had nothing to do with the chaos that's been happening in the club.

    The club's been on the decline for several months due to several reasons; lack of staff, lack of rule enforcement and just a huge bucketload of new members who fail to listen to advice or rules. Then if you include just the regular cattiness in the mix, things really don't turn out all that well.

    So try not to put the blame on MM. He did what he thought was best.
    Hey there DD, hope you are doing alright, and glad to see you posting in the club, with all the chaos that is going around, it is nice to see a familiar face :).

    I'm still a part of the club, should mention that seeing as you asked :).
    Hi again, DD. I see that your birthday passed recently. I hope it was enjoyable!

    I do not have Japanese Black or White, but I can tell you that SRing for the starters to be shiny will take a LONG time. People who have the games tell me that one SR takes longer than a minute. It's a similar process to SRing for the Sinnoh starters, unfortunately. :( I do not know how one goes about getting shiny Zoroark and Zorua. I assume that Zorua works just like any gift Pokemon, in that one can save before receiving it and soft reset for it to be shiny. That's what I plan on doing. I have no idea how to tell if Zoroark will be shiny since it is disguised when you first encounter it; my bet is that you'll have to hit it with an attack to make its disguise wear off, and then you'll be able to tell that whether or not it's shiny.

    How's your family?
    Really? Thanks for the information. I understand how that's feasible with random encountering, but everytime you soft reset, the RNG starts over... it seems ridiculous to wait a long time before each SR though.
    Congrats on the new shinies :D I was wondering how you're able to SR shinies on Emerald without getting RNG clones. I saw a video from a French shiny hunter, MaitreArmand, where he ran from a legend, left the room, then came back and repeated. That way, it's like random encountering on Emerald, which obviously works. I was just curious.
    Honestly, I could never chain another shiny Kricketune to replace the one I lost. He meant far too much to me for me to reclaim him in such an easy way. Instead of the Bug Catching Contest, I may hunt Kricketot in swarm in Viridian Forest instead, just as long as he's found on HGSS again.

    I'm for and against cloning, myself. For, if it's to backup shinies, but against if it's to clone shinies for trading. :S An R4 works like a DS cartridge, you can put roms of the games onto it and play it as a normal DS cartridge would play. It's illegal and legal depending on the games you put on there, and wether you own the real games (as you can go behind the idea of backup-ing the rom). Either way you look at it, the shinies are still found by the game's coding, so they're no different to shinies found on real carts. Some people just don't think so. :/

    And I'm hoping to reclaim Groudon on SoulSilver as well, rather than in Gen 3. <: It wouldn't be the same otherwise.
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