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  • Yeah, Pokemon can get real boring after a while. (Thats what happened to me a few years back). But, I'm only playing this one game, and, getting that Totodile made me really back into the game(Hell, I am EV Training it right now). I never thought I would be back to EV Training something again, or playing a Pokemon game for that matter.

    As for me, nothing really. I'm really wishing this school year would end. We have eight days left, studying for finals, etc. Just trying to get by. Got a little financial problem arising now. Not really looking forward to these next few months.
    Yeah, this was my first time importing a Japnaese game. It was a good experience except not being able to understand anything they say xD. I'll buy both Enlgish HG and SS when they come out.
    Congrats on the shiny Trapinch! I've also wanted one of those for so long. I'm currently hoping to get shiny Ho-oh to appear soon; I have 6000 SRs.
    Thanks for the reply :) I've read so many thing about Emerald being 'broken'. You've given me a new goal: To either hatch or find a shiny in Emerald. I haven't touched that game for quite some time.

    Oh yeah, congrats on that recent Eevee, I think I remember reading about that not too long ago.
    Hello, just saw your post about hatching in Emerald and I would like to ask you a question :) Is the RNG random for hatching in Emerald? I know that you have to get extremely lucky to catch or SR a shiny in Emerald due to the RNG being broken but is the RNG fine for hatching?

    When I purchased Emerald I didn't know about the whole RNG thing being broken and haven't really bothered with shiny hunting in that game.

    Thanks for responding! That's amazing you were able to hatch a shiny in the 3rd gen. I've only managed to hatch 3 shinies, all with the Masuda Method: Feebas with Hypnosis, Turtwig, Chimchar with Thunderpunch. I was considering hatching Feebas on Emerald, but then it hatched on Diamond. I'm currently SRing for shiny Lugia on SoulSilver.
    Total congrats on the shiny Wish Eevee. <:
    Honestly, it's really inspiring to see someone keep at a hunt for two and a half years. Even when you had your doubts, you still kept going, and you finally got it!!

    Are you going to post pictures at some point? :3
    I'm sorry to hear that i hope you feel better soon.

    Take your time though an illness like that needs special attention, i really cant imagne how it must be for you as i've never known someone who had it.
    Hey DD, how have you been. I'm missing your updates in the Shiny Club. I always find it nice to read updates on some people and you are one of them. I really miss you.

    You got some new shiny's along the way?

    Anyways good luck.
    Hey, thanks, DD! What are you hunting for anyway? I mean, other than that durn shiny Eevee who just won't hatch. :(
    My bad DD, its the way that Sweet May worded it. My apologies to you, unreservedly btw.

    Glad to see you've gotten your co-owner status back, only fair considering you were not the reason the old club was shut.
    DarkDragon, I'm glad to see that you are once again co-owner. I just wanted to clear up some confusion I might have caused earlier. I never wanted to steal your spot. I only wanted to take over for you, if, and only if you did not want your position again. By your first post back in the club you made it sound almost as if you didn't want to be co-owner again. Please I understand that. I consider you a good friend, and would never want to steal your spot like that. I really hope you understand that. :(

    Not wanted? I think you're over-reacting, DD. Even if Sweet May was in the wrong and was unfiar, the fact of the matter is, the problem seems to revolve around your strictness as a co-owner. It's not that I don't want you as a co-owner; I simply want to avoid what happened in the past.

    Furthermore, I don't believe that Sweet May's apology was sincere in any way; if you read the PM, you'll notice she says "If it makes you happy, if it makes you happy."

    I want you in the club, DD. I just don't think you need to be co-owner right now. It's not all about status, ya know.
    Heya DD, glad to know you were able to rejoin the SPLC. Even though we may not see eye-to-eye on some things, i felt you almost always did a great job as a co-owner of the club.

    Hope to see some more posts from you in the future.
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