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  • I'm hoping that enough people from the club will write to sweet may that she will reiteratate. Either way, I'm planning to write directly to Serebii. Especially as I didn't report the grammar at all! I only posted about it; I reported the flaming of Zabi and the posting after a (very short) ban.
    Hey DD. Your punishment from Sweet May is really a shame, and I'm sorry to hear about it. :( How are you holding up?
    Oh, alright. I understand.

    So have things with you and your sister gotten any better? I know you said you and her tend to have bad arguments.
    Congratulations to you, too, DD. :D Really, I mean it. Isn't it funny how we got the same shiny? They even have similar natures!

    Good luck with the rest of your hunts. Will you be joining the Shiny Hoenn Tour?
    After reading the recent fiasco in the Shiny Lovers Club, I just have to say I agree with you 100%. Only, seeing how Heliotrope did fess up, I still have respect for her.

    How you took such a tonguelashing in the club for simply expressing your opinion doesn't speak very well to the level of maturity and respect there.
    I've checked out most of the threads but alot just repeats. do you have any tips you can give me on your own. thanks in advanced.
    Thanks for the 'grats. Lucky enough, my wife also plays so waking her up that early didn't land me on the couch. Yeah, I'm a bit older than most I know who play Pokemon (33 and not ashamed to admit it lol).
    Mence said that in a chat on MSN Messenger, so thats why you didn't see it. And thanks. And same, everyday is just harder and harder. =/
    I got rid of the triple post. I tried to like... 10 times today, but my internet died on me at the worst possible time. D:: At least I got them gone before someone infracted me because of my crap internet.
    Sorry to bother you but what are "Run ons"? and am i in the club i did it right the second time but never got a response. thanks for replying
    Wow, you sure have been busy. What is the research project that is going to be published about?

    I have been fine, I guess. Been playing RPGs whenever I can. RPG's are my new Pokemon addiction. *shot*
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