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    I know you aren't here anymore, but in case you still check here from time to time, Merry Christmas!
    With that smartass post, I'm not surprised the thread was closed. I'm surprised you haven't been banned yet.

    Though, your post could have been clarified; I looked it over a couple of times, and I still couldn't completely understand. Maybe a clarification could have helped.
    All the same, I mod with a polite and cautious judgement. Stuff like that doesn't get by me too easily. =/
    First off the bat, bondage is a pretty hardcore sexual fetish and, while Misc is fairly aged and liberal, this remains, absolutely and fully, a child-oriented forum.

    Second, if I needed a second reason, which I don't in this case, that thread just attracts spam and flame like no other.
    I'll be back in 20 minutes. Going to get dinner. Then we'll continue our nonsense intelligent chat.
    Hellz yes!!! Along with my brother from down under, Tom Nook! Cheers!

    At least you have an excuse for being shy; I'm in the honors classes, and those have at the most 25 students at a time. Always keep my mouth shut regardless XD.
    Funny that you didn't mential "C wut I did thar" anywhere in your post. I'm not a serious person, telling me to "lighten up" isn't exactly a great way of making ammends. Anyway, I accept the apology.
    Ok, that's good. Our friendship is secure.

    What I meant by social problems was that I am extremely shy. I cannot so much as get a single sentence out in regular talk without stammering over myself. I need to learn how to talk.

    I'm not sure on how the schedule will work out; from what I know, my dad will be picking me up on Wednesday, but I don't know when. Tuesday would have been a bad day anyway, since I have economics in the evening.

    As soon as he gets me though, I will be going to Killeen, a two hour drive away from Dallas, to spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents. So, no go on meeting one another. I guess some other time.
    However in your post there was no evidence that it was supposed to be interpreted in a non serious manner, therefore it should come as no surprise that you were responded to via a serious remark, or this case a sarcastic remarks.
    No hard feelings right? I don't want this to cause a rift in our friendship, since we don't talk much (you're never on facebook when I'm on XD), and this argument would be a horrible end to it.

    I'm one of the people that takes these forums to heart, seeing as I have a difficult social life. This place is one of the best places to pour my thoughts and feelings on any subject. And I'll take you word for it :).

    Yes, the circus that is college. I have a couple of papers I need to get done before Thanksgiving, but I'll be here Tuesday. Maybe I could see you, if time allows?

    Your friend, Sonic Boom.
    This is stimulated from my own mispercieved conclusion that a person spills out his/her personality into these forums, as I do myself.

    I can understand the anime discussion thread, but the Misc. thread is a VERY SERIOUS thread that discusses major world events, debates, and so on. As such, since we are more connected to the real world there, we tend to take things people say there as a basis of that person's personality. Do you have any idea how many people from Misc. become flame-bait within a matter of hours? Misc. is not to be toyed with, as we are dealing with very personal issues and the like. The Men/Women Difference thread, Advice Thread, many world events are posted there, etc. Setting that thread up as a personal troll-base will definitely send you on that track.

    Some people there don't play or even like Pokemon, but they joined here because it is a great place to discuss and debate. Establishing flame-worthy posts there is going to blacklist you among those members.
    There's got to balance somewhere in these forums. BCVM22 and Cobalt Latios do it to me all of the time when I post XD.

    I've seen my fair share of posts saying "Ash sucks, Paul will kick his *** all of the time!!", and I'm getting tired of that as well. Plus, it's been a bad day for me the past two days in college, so, I have to take it out somewhere, and I don't have that many pillows. :)

    Oh, and "Philosopher King" will always be reserved to Serebii, Cybercubed, Korobooshi Kojiro, Gravy, or S. Suikun. There's nothing that will change that. XD

    I'm going to go ahead and revise my post, so it doesn't look to hateful.
    I'm not thinking small of you, but the fact that two weeks ago you set up a thread detailing the complexities of nice guys and jerks in the Misc. Thread, and now made a comment that is virtually the same (Fear overcomes love, Might is Superior, etc.) makes me believe that you take this adage by heart, and thus implement it in the anime, when it really shouldn't be.

    Sorry if I sound harsh. I'll probably be remembered for that post. :)
    Same here dude. I think I broke the record for writing a 5-page term paper in the shortest amount of time.

    Hopefully it does work out. I can't say I'm in that predicament, but the best for you.

    Hell yes, I'm a demon in these forums. I'm averaging 14 posts a day :D
    Hey, Dark Dragonite! Seen you around the Anime Spoilers section. How do you have that thing about Mewtwo in the sig?
    Wow, that sucks :( I guess it could be for security measures as well.

    Quick question: do you have a facebook? That way we don't have to just talk here, and it's faster. If you don't want to reveal it that's fine, but if you want, you could put it in a PM.
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