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  • Rainbow TMs are extremely rare and only found in the Super Difficult dungeons in Kecleon shops. They'll be worth around 3,000 - 7,000 Poké, depending on the strength of the TM.
    I would say many Slumber Wands and Alliance attacks. If he wakes up, put him back to sleep and he'll attack less than usual. Just be ready to also have some Rev Seeds and Oran Berries on hand just in case, and some Elixirs if you run out of PP.
    The Difference between the Points System of the Missions,like I Went for Rookie to Normal in 2 Missions
    Since it doesn't really relate to the "Story Discussion" thread, I'm bringing this to VM.

    I'm still a little uncertain about what you're asking, but I'm going to try to answer the best I can. Ranks are obtained through completing a variety of missions from the Connection Orb. The more missions you complete, the higher the rank will be. The harder the difficulty, the more points you get towards the next rank. And the higher the floor of the mission, the more points you can gain from that mission. At the moment, you need to have 640 Points in total to get to Bronze Rank. You can check your menu to see how many Points you need to get to the next rank. As for the points you receive from missions, it can vary based on the floor and difficulty of the dungeon.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
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