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  • Things been going well out there today? My understanding is that Halloween has been getting a little more popular out in Europe thanks to cultural osmosis. Any events happen in town or among friends?
    Yeah... I haven't done much with writing in a while, and I really need to. But, a friend will be beta-ing my next chapter for my story later this week, so I'll hopefully get that out by this weekend.

    Oh? I hope that goes well for you.
    Nice. Nice. Sucks that vacation is closing soon, but mine was fun too. Actually worked hard to improve my running. As of now, I can comfortably run about seven miles.
    Ah, I understand. Well, I wish you luck with your coming semester. :)

    So, how's everything else been with you?
    Hello! Totally not gonna bring up my last VM.

    But, I'm doing well. Slowly working on my two stories... and forgetting to read and review yours. I've fallen quite behind on a few stories... ;_;

    How are you?
    Admittedly, I haven't. DX But, I do know I need to catch up on it soon. Glad you're still writing it~
    Once again, I apologize for not commenting on your latest chapters. I have been reading though, and I've loved all the new developmemts.
    On my phone now, but I wanted to say that I've enjoyed the last two chapters of Reflecting Balance. I like how you've been developing the conflict with the crystals in Axis Tower. I look forward to seeing more from you.
    I like how you expertly avoided the apology of mine. :D But that's nice. I'm trying to work on my third chapter for my story. That, and wait for Brutaka to look over what I have on google docs.
    Hi, got your friend request. And I'll also add that I'm so sorry for not coming back and reviewing your writing. So how are you?
    Oh, I'm glad you saw it. :D Yep, I love reading every update, and I'll be sure to read the next chapter once you get it done.

    And thanks, it's going fairly well. And it's not going anywhere, so read it when you can.
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