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Last Activity:
Jan 19, 2014
Aug 27, 2006
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Leeds, England.
Graphic Artist/Book Publisher/Web Admin/Book Devel

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Abuses SHIFT + ENTER, from Leeds, England.

Darkfall was last seen:
Jan 19, 2014
    1. Profesco
      Oh Darkfall. It seems like forever ago when you and me and Sim were all silly little kids. I hope you're well, and enjoying the Kalos region (we have to retain some childhood affections, after all, yes?).
    2. Profesco
      Busy leading to grad schools and careers and whatnot, yes - a very good kind. Haha, I'm glad to hear you're doing so well. What kinds of things are you doing with your life these days, Darkfall?

      I hadn't thought about it that way, but you're right. A brand new story with no new Pokemon, that's not standard fare with these rpgs. It'll be nice, but I'll still look forward to new worlds and new Pokemon in the future.
    3. Profesco
      Well, I can't be around here as much as I was, so I hope you aren't almost exclusively disappointed. But you can walk away with great news about the BW sequels, so that's handy. I've been well and busy, yes. I hope the same goes for you.
    4. Profesco
      I've only been to so many places recently, and all at a very small amount of times. It's really nice to hear from you again, Darkfall. ^_^
    5. Profesco
      Oh snap son indeed. Where have you been all my life?
    6. Profesco
      If you had, I would have reprimanded me properly, no worries.

      My wishlist is just short and specific, that's all. A new wallet? What's wrong with your old wallet? I've had the same wallet all my life, a black velcro one with Blastoise and Charmeleon on it. ^_^

      I knew that you could, and figured you'd try, but I also recognized that, as amusing a tangent as it is, it doesn't change the simplistic veracity of my previous statement. So ha.

      By having a house and baby? I'm curious now, what were you imagining? (And I think I'm a perfect person as is, so if I changed, it would have to be worse.)

      I wonder if farmers collate their potatoes before harvesting them... Maybe I'll just call my problems potatoes, then. They're knobbly and dirty and appear everywhere in every form - boiled, mashed, fried, baked - and if you don't watch out, they'll start growing a bunch of ugly little new potatoes all over them.
    7. Profesco
      My Christmas wishlist is very short and very specific, and it doesn't include any sweaters, but thank you.

      Fair enough. Mirrored hindsight wouldn't be 20-20, would it? It'd have to be 02-02, which would be ridiculous. You'd be seeing molecules instead of objects.

      Well, they're not my own. I just exist alongside them. Probably still a big change from when I last mentioned anything about my personal life, though, sure. Now, how does one go about harvesting problems? Don't leave without explaining your wacky joke metaphors! D=
    8. Profesco
      Ah, I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather, Darkfall (and your cat). Grandparents (and cats) are terribly precious persons. *hug*

      That's too hard. And too expensive and I don't have enough time to do it. And I only have the one sweater.

      Mhm, hindsight is twenty-twenty, especially when there are bullet holes in the back of your head allowing you to see clear through behind you.

      New things in life? A house and a baby, I guess. And problems, there are always new problems cropping up. Some or all of these new things are temporary, though, so I haven't bothered taking notes.
    9. Profesco
      Wow. An income, a place of residence, a successful long-term relationship, some hobbies and fulfilled wishes... What a complete life! You're very amazing, Darkfall, and I am proud of you and wish you even more happiness to come. =)

      I'm downtrodden because people keep on trodding on me. Maybe I'm to blame, what with lying in the middle of hallways all the time, but still! My sweater has footprints all over its back. =<

      Anyway, being riddled with concern is far better than being riddled with bullets, rights? Small mercies. You keep up the good work, too~
    10. Profesco
      Oh, Darkfall!~ ^_^

      It's so nice to hear from you. Your mere presence takes me back through the months and years to a time when life was sweet and nice and happy in every way, and it feels like riding the warm summer wind on the fluffy wings of an Altaria~ *sigh*

      I'm alright, just very downtrodden lately. Still positive, though! And how are you, Cherrybug? X3
    11. A S4MM1CH
      A S4MM1CH
      Alright, thats cool
    12. A S4MM1CH
      A S4MM1CH
      Im down with same teams. But I've made a few changes, so... Same-ish team.
    13. Eaglehawk
      sup again
    14. Profesco
      Cherrybug! XD

      Darkfall, I miss talking to you. Next time you visit this forum, I rudely, selfishly, and vociferously demand you leave me a VM detailing your exploits and well-being.

    15. Profesco
      Oh dear, a whole summer almost without contact? What a shame indeed. And your poor cat! That's terrible, Darkfall. u_u *pats your shoulder*

      A touch annoyed? That seems like it'd be either understatement or nothing at all. I hope everything's peachy.

      You sound like you've experience in the breakfast cereal business, Darkfall. Aw, it's okay if we don't speak each week or so, don't feel bad. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that, right? And I wholly return the sentiment in regards to your safety and wellness! =D

      Ahaha, that might just be good advice, huh? XD
    16. Profesco
      Darkfall, uh, babes!

      Oh, I'm sleepy and bored and apathetic lately, but that's nothing new. How are you? It's good to have a VM from you after such a while. ^_^

      You take care, too! =D
    17. Dragonite125
      Hey, you said that i need a pokemon who knows toxic spikes. I was thinking Omastar or Nidoking. or do you think a different one would be more useful... yes i am taking your information and scrapping that old team and breeding a umbreon with the moves you said and such, Thanks for all the help so far :D and are you a pro or somthing.
    18. AquaMilotic
    19. Brikien93
      anytrades.darkbb.com When you create an account, click the "home" tab up at the top, and you'll see a chatbox. I'm currently logged in it as @ GhostBuster Brikien. Can't miss me lol
    20. Darkfall
      Ahh, I'm AIMless as it happens.

      Yeah, Java chat just doesn't wanna be my friend ^^;;
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    Leeds, England.
    Graphic Artist/Book Publisher/Web Admin/Book Devel
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I have blonde hair, brown eyes and who cares?



    Banner credit: Jakotsu.
    They named a game after me?