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  • Yeah, I like the way they put the legendary mascot in the middle of a long streak of battles. I even like the story change they put there instead of heading straight to the champion, you fight team plasma for the last time.
    Yeah the new 5th gen e4 is pretty good, except that they are the 2nd lowest leveled e4 out there. And the champion dosen't appear until you beat the e4 a second time, because N beat his pokemon with his own "invincible" pokemon that are like Lv50-52.
    And yeah, there are other e4's that are pretty decent. Like the 3rd gen one, the levels there are like the late Lv40s to almost Lv60(a Lv58 Metagross.) I actually like this e4 levelage the most in a pokemon game because it's not too high (like in dp), or not too low (like the gsc one we've talked about.)
    As for those underleveled Pokemon in the 2nd gen main series, you can even find LV15 LARVITARS in the LAST room in THE GAME. That's like a few tiny steps from fighting a team of Lv70s. That's even like a Lv1 in a victory rd.
    And why are all the wild pokemon in Mt Silver like at the same levels as the e4? You know a team of Lv70s is waiting for you deeper into the dungeon
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, ive been busy. Ill trade you that lucky egg for a probopass if you want
    Hey, sorry I didnt pm you my code, as of now, I havent gotten my wifi to work, sorry we couldnt battle, honestly, I am not chickening out or anything, but anything that has to do with connecting online with my wii doesnt work. ( I tried to connect to wifi and buy a VC game, but errors kept showing up) Maybe some other time?
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