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  • Hey, it's been a while since I've seen you in the RPG section. And I see we'll be facing off against each other again.

    Though I really should get my sign-up finished.
    My profile's privacy has been increased, so feel free to comment with only my contacts being able to see them.
    It's harder to accept the concept of nonexistence as a mortal creature; than it is to accept the comfortable idea of a blissful afterlife with the accompaniment of friends, and family.

    It contradicts the instinct to survive, our own feelings of grief when someone has their time cut short, or missing someone we loved.

    I believe that humanity has the potential to rise above superstition eventually, but not in our lifetimes.
    I don't know dark. Most of humanity is still mortally (lol) terrified of death, their fear is stronger than words, and allows them to believe the preposterous in the face of reason.

    They sit on the unassailable plateau of faith, otherwise intelligent people with minds despoiled by religion.
    It's nice to see someone in that thread who is able to tell the difference between two different things, thanks.

    Beyond showing you how laughable and irrelevant your precious definitions are? Oh wait. I haven't given you any reasons. That's right. If you ignore my responses they don't exist. Its people like you that waltz into articles they disagree with and post [CITATION NEEDED] all over the place. Incase you haven't heard, wikipedia is a work in progress.
    Again, are all people who disagree with you obtuse, or just lil old me? Is this how you consider everyone who disagrees with you? How sad. :(
    Gotta play the emotional woman standing up for her rights. *yaaaaaawn* All these pro-choicers playing the emotion card.

    That's cool and all if that definition makes you feel better about taking the morning after pill. But a unique, living human being dies because of that pill. If you feel better about yourself, or your friends, or your political party because of that ridiculous definition, sure have fun. It doesn't change the reality of the situation though.

    She brought up an emotional argument ("How dare you try to take away my rights because I'm a female!") so I called her out on it. How dare I!

    Especially considering that she basically said "Yeah whatever I'm out". That hurts bro. That hurts.

    oooooooooooooooooh you TOLD that mattj didn't you!
    You even used larger, bold text!

    But replying "LOOOOOOL u SRSLY LNK'D 2 WIKI AHARRHARRRHARRR!" just makes you look like you don't know what's going on in this conversation.

    I cannot believe people like you act like every article I link to, especially those on wikipedia contain no scholarly or trustworthy sources whatsoever. Like its just some page I edited up real quick for this conversation.
    Oh my gawd, guys, quit personally attacking Mattj in the abortion thread. Everyone knows he never makes anything personal.
    Wow, it's like everyone who dons that Dr. Zager avatar automatically becomes intelligent and agreeable. I might try it out sometime!
    Humanity is saved because of the sacrifice. Jesus took the blame(willingly) and He went through utter Hell while on that cross. He took the punishment humanity deserved. God just needed someone to pay for the sins we have committed. So Jesus said He would do that for us once He knew we would be able to recognize it for what it was(which is why it wasnt sooner). Jesus never sinned and didnt deserve the punishment, but He took it from us, He laid down the price we had to pay. Of course you have to be willing to accept his gift, otherwise you have to pay. And sadly humanity is broke.

    Humanity was saved because a perfect man paid the price for us and our sins. Did Jesus deserve it? Nope. But that was His show of love, that was him saying to you personally and the rest of humanity.....
    I love you and want you to come to my kingdom. I am about to lay down my life and take your punishment, I am going to give you what you need to get to heaven. Please accept the gift, I had to go through Hell to pay for it. Hopefully I will see you in the Father's Kingdom......

    It wasnt just that the Romans were jerks and killed him, it wasnt just that all of the ones Jesus healed abandoned him. It was God's next to final effort to reach humanity and show us his love. Jesus was without fault but he took my punishment and everyone else's but they still have to accept it
    This is very important to my beliefs. If you look back to the Jews of that time they were sacrificing animals to repent sins. This was more for God to give humans the mindset of the idea of the sacrifice and how important it was. But animal sacrifices just covered up the sind, didnt remove them. I will try to explain.

    God saw humanity was ready for their savior. So he sent Jesus to the world. But not just to be a good guy or a role model. It is all for the sacrifice. Jesus goes out and performs miracles to show He is God's Son(not just a guy proclaimin he is). He goes around being perfect and humble, he tells people to be ready and stop sinning. He tells parables that they would have understood. He gets his disciples, gives them the power to perform miracles and spread out. Well everything was fine, Jesus was spreading the word, disciples were too, but those religious leaders who were not living Godly ways knew that they were being accused. They get together, they make a plan to kill him, then Judah comes along and is willin to help. Jesus and few disciples go and pray together, disciples fall asleep, Judah betrays Jesus.
    (gettin close to the more important part)
    Jesus goes to 'court', the people ddnt even have their facts straight, but he is sent to death anyway. The people get to either release The guy who heals or a man who was put because he was a murder.....religious leaders somehow get them to release the real criminal.
    Jesus was put on the cross. He was the PERFECT sacrifice, and lived without sin. He saves. Now when a person repents and accepts Jesus into their life He can erase the sins held against them. He took all of God's Wrath on the cross if you thought the flood was bad imagine what Jesus felt Jesus has laid down the payment for our sins. But its no good if you dont accept.
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas

    God is all of those things but the thing that really separates him form us is his righteousness. He cannot just let sins go.
    Answer me this, how can God make our choices without getting rid of our free will? That is something that is not possible, God may love everyone, know everything, be all powerful, but how can he make your choices without taking your free will. He can encourage doing the right thing, and he did, you know when you make wrong choices. God had to give us up to our ways, which is why we have to go through suffering on Earth.

    God does wish suffering away
    God cannot make our choices, that fact that we make our own choices is part of having a soul
    God knows everything, including what is stopping you from reaching out to Him(so he reached out to us)
    God had to give us to our ways(or wipe us from the face of the Earth)

    God does have a plan to stop all suffering, and He probably cant wait to see us all smiling, but the reason he waits is so that He has a little more time to reach those who are unsaved and add one more to the list that He can take to this paradise.

    God is like a father(He is the Father actually)
    He doesnt want his Children to go through the pain but that doesnt mean he can protect us through everything. But he makes a promise that it will never be to much for us to handle and that it is all for the best. My family is a witness that suffering doesnt mean God doesnt care

    The evil in the world though is manmade. By our decision making there is evil, and it isnt always your evil that only affects you,
    God cannot change the punishment, if he did that he would not be God, He tries to warn us about it, He tries to convince us the work will be worth it in the end. God cannot make up our mind though. He will never forget the ones who did not believe, and He has given us all the chances through his mercy. But once you are dead God cannot save you, it is sad. Especially since my biological father was not a believer in Christ, not even close.

    To the angels and to God this punishment is what is right and just, although it is not what they want done, and I do not believe God could EVER stop caring about any one person, He will love you no matter what, even if you are in Heaven or Hell.

    No matter who it is, did you know the angels rejoice when a soul comes to Christ? They throw a party, they know it is a reason to celebrate.
    I know this isnt as large of a scale, but I will use this example

    A man who is charge of the building is watching the security cameras, when the power goes out in the city. The man saw a shadowy figure right before the power went out, it was the shape of a man, something shining in the left hand. This figure was right outside the main exit, the easy way out. He runs down the stairs and meets the people in the lobby. The man warns them, he tells about what is there. He gives as much proof as possible, he shows from around the corner there is a shadow and describes what he saw, the people listen. Many are skeptic and come up with other explanations for what he said. The man starts showing another way out, but it is much harder and very few use it. But it will promise they live, some follow the man. The skeptics decided he was not telling the truth and that there was no man outside. The man sends his son out there, to prove that it is no lie, the son comes back beaten, bruised, scarred. The skeptics were set in their mind though, although some did realize it was no lie take the other way. The rest keep going that way, saying that it could have been a number of things that happened to that man's son. They walk through the door to find out the figure was real. The skeptics are then kidnapped and the shadowy figure tortures them for the rest of their lives. The skeptics now know the truth, but only to late, the decision they made in that hour they were now paying for. They now regret the choice they made, but only after it is to late for them to be saved. The man never forgets them and is heartbroken they wouldnt follow him, but he cannot do anything now.
    I will be honest, this is a tough question and on top of that thinking about those who didnt go to heaven does upset me.

    When God gave us free will He gave us solid choices. He let us know what was what, He gave us laws. He gives us a lifetime to make up our mind, and if He believes you were not given a fair chance(say you are young when you die) you will go to heaven. But there is a point of accountability, it is different for everyone, it is that point where you have been given a chance and you made your choice that you will take your chances instead. I believe that God cares for everyone, if he could I am willing to say he would have Lucifer converted, which is not possible.

    God judges fairly on who goes to Heaven or Hell.

    The punishment for sin is death. Nothing else can pay for it, and death of the soul is Hell. It is the only righteous punishment, but it is so sad. Sadly it is to late after they have died,
    God will unleash His wrath soon(could be tomorrow, could be in a thousand years), if you want to hear about that look into Revelations. I am mentioning this for an example
    God showed us through love how to reach Him. God gave up His son and performed miracles. We still denied Him, if we wont listen to that, He has to show us through disaster. He will take all of those who are saved up to heaven then He will cause many disasters. But if you look closely at it you will see it is right before the world and heaven is destroyed and replaced(meaning he is avoiding it as long as He can hoping some will come to Christ before then) meaning God does not enjoy releasing His wrath, but we make Him have no other choice, we wouldnt believe His signs of love through miracles, so he needs to prove himself through this wrath. We are asking for proof, God will give it to us, mybe not in my lifetime or in your's, but soon the proof will be undeniable, but we will still deny it, this I know is true, but it will reach some people.

    But the reason God calls it a sin when we do it and it is fine if He does is because we are not worthy to. We are not perfect so we do not know what punishment would truly fit the crime, and we have no place to unleash wrath when we truly deserve to have that wrath on us as well. I see it as a father and his child

    The father loves his child without a doubt. He would give up anything he could to see his child smile. But the father must punish the child for his wrong doing. This child cannot do anything about the punishment and may call the father hateful and unloving. But the father loves that child no less, if he didnt he would have given up on the child and let him get away with it.

    God being our perfect father has to punish us, and it is truly a way of showing his love. It may seem like He is attacking helpless humans to us, just as the child sees the punishment as unfair and cruel, but it is truly done out of a love for humankind
    Yes God does get angry. He gets pretty mad at sin and when people purposely sin to harm. I believe however that God only unleashes His wrath when there is no other way to call our attention. Or if we have gone to far to save, and even then He saves those who are righteous.
    God is very patient and never gives us what we all deserve. We all deserve much worse than what is given. I personally deserve to burn in Hell for some of the choices I have made, even the 'small' lies, so God is not sinning by giving me less of a punishment. This is much like the sin of judging others. God can unleash wrath and He is the Judge because He is holy and perfect. It is a sin for us to do thse things because we are not perfect, as John the Baptist says "I am not worthy to be his slave and strap His sandles"
    Well, in my eyes at least, God just wants to know that you are sorry you sinned and did something that was wrong. He wants to rebuild that relationship, but you have to let Him and you have to give an effort. God doesnt want you to believe in Him just because He can kill you with a lightning bolt while you are underground. He wants you to come to him because He loves you. He is doing all he can to reach you, in my eyes He is almost begging that you see the light. Jesus had the power on the cross to say "Im out, I dont wanna do this, sorry everyone but I do not need to pay for what you did, this pain is unbearable" I mean try to imagine the worst pain you have ever felt, that wasnt even God trying to unleash any wrath on you. Jesus took ALL of that wrath.

    and being humble? The main reason we have to be humble is because we are human. If a miracle occurs, give the glory to God, he did all the work.(God actually used the poor and crippled and the weak just so everyone would know it was God's work). God has nothing to be humble about. Even though that is true Jesus was one of the most humble men in the world. Jesus was sinless and the Son of God, he didnt have to be humble. But He was, he could have became richer then Bill Gates if he wanted, but he came into the world in a humble manner. He went so far that he was born and his cradle was a manger. Jesus leads by example and showed how to act, because he knew the glory was God's. He wanted to show us that even He was giving God the glory.

    This one I dont understand what you are asking. Explain exactly what you mean by the sin of wrath. Do you mean when a man kills his wife because of a disagreement or are you thinking more of when God punishes man for his sin(noah's ark for example)
    (sorry these are so long, I cant even get them to fit on one message)
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